Postdoctoral research fellow position currently open in LaMDa - Molecular Microbiology and Fish Disease

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A position as a postdoctoral research fellow is available within LaMDa at the School of Pharmacy - application deadline: August 10, 2012. This is a shared position with the Norwegian School of Veterinary Sciences (NSVS). More information can be found in the full announcement.

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The following positions have been filled.

Two new PhD positions (postgraduate students) were previously open for application (deadline: April 15, 2011), and have been filled. The successful candidates will be working on, respectively: 1) A project aiming to map regulatory mechanisms of biofilm formation in Gram-positive pathogens in the Bacillus cereus group, and perform functional analysis of genes/proteins essential to the process. Priority will be given to applicants with competence within pharmaceutical microbiology, or: 2) A project studying interactions between intracellular pathogens (virus and bacteria) and host cells.