Karoline and co-workers' paper entitled "Stereocontrolled synthesis and investigation of the biosynthetic transformations of 16(S),17(S)-epoxy-PDn-3 DPA" is now published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.



Lars-Inge will do his ph.d. in the LIPCHEM group with Trond Vidar as his main supervisor and Anders and Jørn as his co-supervisors. Lars-Inge finished his master in synthetic organic chemistry at NMBU with professor Stenstrøm in June 2017, and Lars will be with us for the next four years. His projects are related to the synthesis of specialized pro-resoling mediators (SPMs).

A new article has been published in Steroids based on the work on regioselective monoalkylation on estradiol done by our visiting student Koen Van Gansbeke. Congratulations to Koen and all others involved!

Congratulations to Nora Al-Kazaale with her new degree "Master of pharmacy"! Well done Nora, and congratulations with the good result on your master thesis.

Our review "Recent advances in the chemistry and biology of anti-inflammatory and specialized pro-resolving mediators biosynthesized from n-3 docosapentaenoic acid" is now published as a Digest in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters.


The LIPCHEM group has published another article in PNAS with our collaborators in Boston, Harvard Medical School, and London, Queen Mary University of London. The article is found here. Congratulations to Marius and Trond Vidar!

Marius, Trond Vidar and Jørn's nice article on Atomic determinants of BK channel activation by polyunsaturated fatty acids was published November 15th 2016 in PNAS! Congratulations and job well done!

Renate's paper on Squaramide catalyzed enantioselective iodolactonization of allenoic acids is now published online in Tetrahedron Letters. Congratulations to Renate and all others involved.

Our paper, Synthesis of Ieodomycin D, is now published in Synlett. Congratulations to Jørn, Marius and Anders!

Our paper on the synthesis of 13R-HDPA and its bioconversion into the 13-series resolvins is now available online at Journal of Natural Products. Congratulations to Karoline and all other people involved!

Congratulations to Marius, Jørn and Trond Vidar with their latest paper in The Journal of Organic Chemistry: Enantioselective Organocatalyzed Bromolactonizations: Applications in Natural Product Synthesis., the newspaper for Science and Technology at the University of Oslo, had an interview with Daniel Haga Hasselstrøm and Trond Vidar Hansen after Daniel was awarded one million NOK from the Reserach Counicil of Norway to a FORNY StudENT-scholarship. Read it here(in Norwegian only).

Our master student Daniel Haga Hasselstrøm was awarded one million NOK from the Reserach Council of Norway to a FORNY StudENT-scholarship! Daniel was one of only two from UiO that got a scholarship. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Dr. Åsmund Kaupang who today defended his Ph.d. thesis "Development of PPAR Modulators and Investigations on their Mode of Action".

Congratulations to our three master students Mai, Farhad and Daniel that have now graduated with their Master of pharmacy degrees!

The book "From Biosynthesis to total Synthesis, Strategies and Tactics for Natural Products", where Anders and Trond Vidar have written a chapter about Fatty acids and their derivatives, is now published.

Trond Vidar's article "Selective identification of specialized pro-resolving lipid mediators from their biosynthetic double dioxygenation isomers" is now published in RSC Advances. Congratulations Trond Vidar!

Karoline's article on the synthesis of 5-(S)-HETE, 5-(S)-HEPE and (+)-zooxanthellactone was published in Chemistry and Physics of Lipids. Congratulations, Karoline!

Marius shared the award for best Scientific lecture at the 31st Organic Chemistry Winter Meeting at Skeikampen, Norway. Congratulations, Marius!

Marius' and Jørn's paper on the biosynthesis of Protectin D1 was published online in Journal of Natural Products.

Our review on the anti-cancer agent 2-methoxyestradiol has been published, see Current Pharmaceutical Design.

The newspaper Østlandet blad did an interview with Jørn in connection with his ph.d. defense June 19th. Congratulations Dr. Tungen!

Our JOC Synopsis article was recently published, see The Journal of Organic Chemistry. Enjoy!