Published Feb. 16, 2018 11:10 AM

On February 15, PharmaTox arranged a New Year Kick Off!

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Published Jan. 19, 2018 12:56 PM

Read more about the new article "Propionate enters GABAergic neurons, inhibits GABA transaminase, causes GABA accumulation and lethargy in a model of propionic acidemia".

Published Jan. 18, 2018 9:29 AM

“Do you get smarter from exercise?”

Published Jan. 11, 2018 11:14 AM

On January 10, 2018, The faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at UiO arranged a seminar on the value of health data. At the seminar, Hedvig and Geir Kjetil gave a great presentation of PharmaTox, and some examples of the work we do. 

Published Jan. 11, 2018 11:02 AM

Health data - Norway’s most valuable asset!

Published Jan. 9, 2018 9:55 AM

This study uses paracetamol in pregnancy as an example to introduce a method of clustering medication exposures longitudinally throughout pregnancy.

Published Jan. 5, 2018 12:51 PM

Associate professor Cecilie Morland and her group at the School of Pharmacy have been included as members in the PharmaTox Strategic Research Initiative. Below she presents herself and her group. 

Published Nov. 30, 2017 10:04 AM

How can Norway become the leading country in e-health, innovation in the health sector and to secure easier access to health data and registers? 

Published Nov. 27, 2017 7:46 PM

PharmaTox Post. Doc Kristina Gervin, engineer Magnus Leithaug and PhD students Haakon Edgetveit Nustad and Mari Spildrejorde attended the 2017 conference Epigenomics of Common Diseases at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge.

Published Nov. 22, 2017 11:10 AM
Published Nov. 2, 2017 3:52 PM

PharmaTox PhD student Martin Falck recently atttended the 14th National Stem Cell Networking Conference. He presented his work on in vitro studies using human embryonic stem cells to find out more on the biology behind the connection between prenatal exposure of paracetamol and risk of developing ADHD.

Published Oct. 31, 2017 9:06 AM

Eivind Ystrøm and Hedvig Nordeng are interviewed in, and regarding the new article "Prenatal exposure to Acetaminophen and risk of ADHD" 

Published Oct. 25, 2017 11:17 AM

Kristina Gervin and Robert Lyle have been interviewed by Titan concering the article:  Long-term prenatal exposure to paracetamol is associated with DNA methylation differences in children diagnosed with ADHD. 

Published Oct. 12, 2017 9:01 AM

Ulrika Nörby will give a lecture on: Fetal effects of maternal drug treatment - risk assessment and communication

Published Oct. 4, 2017 10:54 AM

New PharmaTox article about pharmaco-epigenetics out today in Norsk farmasøytisk tidsskrift

Published Sep. 27, 2017 11:15 AM

Kristina Gervin has been interviewed by and NRK concerning her new article:  Long-term prenatal exposure to paracetamol is associated with DNA methylation differences in children diagnosed with ADHD. 

Published Sep. 27, 2017 11:08 AM

Our BMJ editorial is out now!

Published Sep. 13, 2017 10:32 AM

Several PharmaTox researchers attended the 28th conference of the European Network of Teratology Information Services (ENTIS) in Budapest in September 2017.

Published Aug. 15, 2017 9:38 AM

We welcome Nils Anders Labba. 

Below he presents himself and his background. 

Published June 13, 2017 1:54 PM

Master's student Kristiane Fosskaug defended her thesis on June 1st with the title “Kan prenatal paracetamoleksponering påvirke nevroutviklingen? In Vivo og in vitro studier i kyllingembryo og PC12-celler for vurdering av effekter på genetiske regulatorer, nevronale utviklingsmarkører og lillehjernens morfologi".

Published May 12, 2017 11:11 AM

Master's student Maria Øygarden defended her thesis on April 20th with the title “Studier av antidepressiva i kyllinglillehjerne og PC12-celler – Effekter av escitalopram og venlafaksin på genetiske regulatorer og neuronale utviklingsmarkører”.

Published Apr. 11, 2017 9:38 AM

The symposium is organised by Ragnhild Eskeland on behalf of the Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research and Department of Biosciences, UiO.

Published Mar. 30, 2017 11:28 AM

On May 3rd, Prof. Tobias Kurth will give an exciting lecture: "What if the results between propensity score and standard methods differ?"

Published Mar. 30, 2017 11:15 AM

PharmaTox arranged a seminar March 24th.

Published Mar. 29, 2017 1:26 PM

The University library is arranging the exhibition "Women!" - celebrating and acclaiming female researchers within natural sciences at the University.