Experimental particle physics

The Experimental particle physics group (EPF) studies the smallest building blocks of nature and the forces that act between them. The group participates in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and has strong activities in detector development and construction, grid (world-wide distributed computing) middleware development and operation, data analysis and outreach.

The ALTAS detector at CERN. Photo: CERN

About the group

The EPF group plays leading roles in both particle physics and development of grid-middleware in Norway and the Nordic countries. The physics program is focussed on searches for new physics phenomena beyond the Standard Model of fundamental particle and interactions, including Supersymmetry and theories with new symmetry groups which predict heavy versions of the W and Z bosons, as well as the search for (or possibly the falsification) the elusive missing link of the Standard Model , the Higgs boson.

The group participates in the ATLAS experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

The group is a founding member of and hosts the chair of the NorduGrid collaboration. In addition to grid development and operation, we educate new grid experts.

We have a long tradition in the development of silicon-based sensors and readout for particle physics experiments and other applications. We recently joined studies of technology for a very high-energy electron-position collider (CLIC) through the NorduCLIC collaboration.

Outreach is another important activity, and the group's members often communicate particle physics to the public through the media and by giving lectures to schoolchildren. The regular IPPOG Master Classes are another highlight. This includes both contributions to the course material used all over Europe and beyond and to hosting the local Master Class events.


HEPP: High Energy Particle Physics
EMI: European Middleware Initiative
IHEPNP: Instrumentation for High Energy Particle and Nuclear Physics
NGIn: Innovative Tools and Services for NorduGrid
NDGF: Nordic Data Grid facility
COMPET: Research for a high resolution, high sensitivity and MRI compatible PET scanner
CLIC: Compact Linear Collider
AEGIS: Antihydrogen Experiment: Gravity, Interferometry, Spectroscopy
CTA: - [brutt] Cherenkov Telescope Array
SDI: Strategic Dark Matter Initiative (Endringsmilj├Ş)


NorduGrid Collaboration
ATLAS Collaboration
Particle Physics group at the University of Bergen
IPPOG: The International Particle Physics Outreach Group
AX-PET: A Demonstrator for an Axial PET Camera with WLS Strips and G-APD Readout

Academic programmes and courses

FYS3510 - Subatomic physics with applications in astrophysics
FYS4550 - Experimental high energy physics
FYS4560 - Elementary particle physics
Master Thesis Subjects
HEPP PhD Thesis Subjects
Instrumentation Thesis Subjects
Hands on Particle Physics - International Masterclasses for High School Students

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