Master Projects

Master projects within 4DSpace are directly linked to our ongoing activities. These include space instrumentation, sensor development, electronics, data analysis, numerical modeling.

Our master projects are individually suited to the student. We can offer thesis for students in physics, electronics, informatics, and mathematics. Some examples of the master projects listed below and the full list is found under this link.

Impact of plasma structures on GPS signals

Dynamics of a plasma blob studied with particle-in-cell simulations

How are polar cap patches formed?

Simulations of dust trajectories in cometary plasmas

Development of Communication units for sounding rockets and mini-payloads

Object plasma interaction studied with numerical simulations

Numerical studies of plasma instabilities in weakly collisional, magnetized plasmas


The list is open, and if you have your own ideas for the project, we can discuss it together. 4DSpace is an interdisciplinary research initiative, and the methods, tools and approach can be put in a wide context and be easily applied to other fields of research. The thesis can often be carried out in the international collaboration.

We are also a part of CaNoRock and CaNoRock STEP, as well as Japanese-Norwegian student and mobility and exchange programs that offer exciting possibilities in launching your own student rocket or working with and visiting our partners in Canada and Japan.



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