Published Nov. 5, 2015 12:55 PM

The desktop on lab computers is useful for instrumentation and running of experiments. An Internet desktop is available by connecting to using

   Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection

Before you connect you may select to make your local C:-drive available on the Internet desktop. Go to Show Options->Local Resources->More.

Sitting outside UiO, you may connect to the instrumentation desktop in the lab. First open a desktop on, as described above, then search for "remote" on and select to run Remote Desktop again. Contact to get to know the Internet name/address of your lab computer.

In some rare cases, a serviceman needs to connect directly to the lab computer. Ask the serviceman to let us know which ip-address he is connecting from, e.g. by using Then contact for more help. State the name of the lab computer as well as the serviceman's ip-address.

In some rare cases the lab computer needs direct access to one or more sites on the Internet. Ask to set this up. State the name of the lab computer and the addresses of the website. (Access to Microsoft sites for Windows updates is already set up.)





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