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  • Mastereksamen: Bjørn Solheim 6. des. 2016 10:15

    "Strings, loops and noncommutative geometry - Three roads towards unifying gravity with quantum mechanics and explaining the standard model"

  • fysikkforedrag_06122016_arr Fysikktirsdag: Hjernefysikk 6. des. 2016 15:15

    Hva har krefter og sånn med hjernen vår å gjøre? Foredrag ved Marte Julie Sætra.

  • Mastereksamen: Emil Blix Wisborg 7. des. 2016 10:00

    Effect of amorphous Si buffer layer on the ZnO/Si interface

  • Poster Seminar 16. des. 2016 15:15
  • oslo_life_science_300 Oslo Life Science February 15th–17th 2017 15. feb. 2017 00:00

    This will be the 2nd conference hosted by UiO:Life Science for all of you who are interested in research, education, innovation, business and politics in life sciences. Exact times, places, programme and registration form will follow later. Save the dates!