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  • Theory seminar: Searching for spectral features in the gamma-ray sky 5. nov. 2014 13:05

    Alejandro Ibarra, Technische Universität München

    The search for the gamma-rays which are presumably produced in dark matter annihilations is hindered by the existence of large, and still poorly understood, astrophysical backgrounds. In this talk we will emphasize the importance of sharp spectral features for the identification of a dark matter signal. We will review the status of the search of the various spectral features that arise in Particle Physics scenarios and we will discuss the interplay with other search strategies.

  • Lunch colloquium: 4DSpace 6. nov. 2014 12:05

    Introduction by Wojciech Miloch

  • Theory seminar: Neutrino Mass and Majorana Dark Matter 6. nov. 2014 13:05

    Ivica Picek, Univ. of Zagreb

    After the discovery of the Higgs boson, searching for the dark matter (DM) is one of the main targets for the LHC. In light of evidence for neutrino mass it would be appealing that DM particles account for a solution to the small neutrino mass. A radiative neutrino mass realization dubbed "scotogenic" (with DM particles in a loop) imposes an exactly conserved Z_2 symmetry to eliminate tree-level neutrino masses and to simultaneously stabilize a DM candidate.

    In this talk I will discuss the possibility to avoid such ad hoc Z_2 symmetry: either by promoting it to a local gauge U(1)_D symmetry or by requiring that it arises "accidentally" (on account of the SM symmetry and a choice of the field content). In this context, I will discuss the testability of Majorana singlet, triplet and quintet DM candidates at the LHC.

  • portrett_ulven_web Disputas: Ole Ivar Ulven 10. nov. 2014 13:15

    M.Sc. Ole Ivar Ulven ved Fysisk institutt vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d: "Carbonation of ultramafic rock: Mechanochemical aspects"

  • lillestol-reidarportrait_web Disputas: Reidar Lunde Lillestøl 10. nov. 2014 16:00

    M. Sc. Reidar Lunde Lillestøl ved Fysisk institutt vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d: "Collective effects and experimental verification of the CLIC drive beam and decelerator"

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