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  • heidi-atlas - Vanlig, anti eller mørk 9. mar. 2015 19:10

    Heidi Sandaker er ikke kresen på hva slags materie hun jobber med.

  • sansene-michael507 Fascinert av sansene 26. jan. 2015 10:03

    Hva er den blinde flekken? Hvordan oppstår 3D-syn? Hva sier vitenskapen om tankeoverføring? Og hvorfor gråter vi når vi skjærer opp løk?

  • luiza-angheluta —Fysikk var et naturlig valg 21. jan. 2015 20:54

    Luiza Angheluta er "ny" førsteamanuensis i fysikk og nestleder i endringsmiljøet EarthFlows. Hun er interessert i Aikido og spiller gitar, men akkurat nå er det en gutt på 10 måneder som får mest oppmerksomhet.


  • Theory seminar: Modeling cosmic ray propagation in the Galaxy 22. apr. 2015 13:05

    Carmelo Evoli, Universität Hamburg

    At GeV-TeV energies the propagation of CRs in our Galaxy is diffusive. Current models of galactic propagation are based on a simplified approach for which diffusion is constant and isotropic. In fact, diffusion transport must be described as in-homogenous and anisotropic and experimental data have now reached an accuracy that allows to study such effects.

    In my talk, I will present some of the consequences of adopting realistic diffusion models for the propagation of galactic CRs, and I will show how these models allow a better understanding of local observations and diffusion emissions within an unified framework.

    In the second part of my talk, I will focus on antiprotons as a tool to set constraints on DM models. In particular, I will discuss the uncertainties associated to both standard astrophysical and DM originated antiprotons. I will show on which extent current antiproton data can place tight constraints on DM models, excluding some of those suggested in connection with indirect and direct searches.

  • Lunch colloquium: Relekvant 23. apr. 2015 12:05
  • felixseminar Photonic forces, cellular dynamics and molecular motors 24. apr. 2015 15:15

    Felix Kohler, postdoc at the Condensed matter physic group (UiO), will give a talk.

  • Theory seminar: Neutrino Oscillations and Beyond Standard Model Physics 29. apr. 2015 13:05

    Thomas Schwetz-Mangold, Stockholms Universitet

    The observation of neutrino oscillations requires that neutrinos have a tiny but non-zero mass. This implies that the Standard Model of particle physics has to be extended in some way beyond its original formulation where neutrinos are massless. We review the present status of neutrino oscillations and give a brief outlook on future developments in the field. We speculate on the implications for physics beyond the Standard Model and discuss the challenges to identify the mechanism responsible for neutrino mass.

  • passfoto_bugge_web Disputas: Magnar Kopangen Bugge 30. apr. 2015 13:15

    Master of Science Magnar Kopangen Bugge ved Fysisk institutt vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d: "Search for new charged bosons and dark matter in final states with one lepton and missing transverse energy with the ATLAS detector at the LHC"

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