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  • Dynamic FASu- vs. FDG-PET in tumor xenografts in mice 31. aug. 2016 12:15

    Kathinka Pitman, Dept. Physics

  • A pilgrimage to darkness 31. aug. 2016 13:05

    Andi Hektor, NICPB Tallinn

    I will give a short introduction to Dark Matter physics. I will sum up the the main evidences of Dark Matter from the Galactic to large cosmological scales. So far the evidences are only gravitational. I will point out that even the gravitational signals of Dark Matter can hint about the deeper nature of Dark Matter, especially having soon new data from the Gaia and other soon starting experiments. Beyond gravitation, we have many experimental constraints on the ‘particle’ nature of Dark Matter and only few questionable hints of Dark Matter. Those experiments involve the accelerator (LHC at CERN), underground (‘direct detection') and cosmic experiments (‘indirect detection’). Due to rapidly evolving experimental and observational bounds the mainstream candidate of Dark Matter, Weakly Interacting Massive Particle, is losing its ground. I will point out some interesting escape scenarios of WIMP. I will conclude highlighting some interesting alternatives for WIMPy Dark Matter.

  • Mastereksamen: Jevgenijs Semjonovs 6. sep. 2016 14:00

    "Pure and Substituted 114 Oxides RBaCo4O7+δ (R = Y, Ca, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Yb): Defects, Transport, and Applications"

  • Eksperimenter med celleoverlevelse etter 17MeV protonbestråling 7. sep. 2016 12:15

    Anne Marit Rykkelid, Fysisk institutt

  • yaqi-jin Disputas: Yaqi Jin 9. sep. 2016 13:15

    Master of Science Yaqi Jin ved Fysisk institutt vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d: Characterization of GPS Scintillations in the Polar Ionospere