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Access to Internet and local computers at the Physics Department

Assuming that your home institution is a member of the Eduroam network, you can get access to the Internet from your laptop by logging on to Eduroam as username@your.domain.

Access to desktop computers and UiO services, however, requires a UiO username and a corresponding password. Even if you already have these, you still have to fill in this form to get correct access at the Department of Physics.

Fill out the registration form and submit it electronically by pressing the button at the bottom of the page, IF AND ONLY IF you agree to abide by the IT regulations at UiO.

- Registration Form -

Please don't omit middle names, don't use abbreviations and don't replace æøå with other characters. Thanks.

Your first/personal name(s)
Family name
Date of birth Day: (1-31) ; Month: ; Year:

Norwegian personnummer (11 digits)
(if you have one)

If you don't have personnummer, enter
passport number

Email address
Cellphone/mobile phone number
Name of contact person at our department
(we will contact this person to get approval)
End date of access
(possible to extend later)
Day: (1-31) ; Month: ; Year: 20

Enter additional information below:

If you receive a new password from us you are required to change it at before the next day.

WARNING: In case we create a brief-visit account (guestXXX) for you, notice that it will automatically close after 14 days. There will be no warning. Files in that account will be difficult to retrieve.

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