Industrial Liaison Annual Meeting 2007


The meeting was held 24 - 25th of May on the premises of the Department of Geosciences at the University of Oslo. The partners represented were ConocoPhillips, Dong, Ener Petroleum, Idemitsu Petroleum Norge, Norske Shell, RWE Dea and Statoil. After low activity in the IL-cooperation the last years due to challenges the Department of Geosciences has been facing with consolidating the merger of the three previous departments (geology, geography and geophysics) and a large workload affiliated with the "Quality reform" in the Norwegian university sector, the activity around IL has been enhanced the last months and the annual meeting is an important effort in this context.

The meeting was divided in two parts (see the program to the left). The first part concentrated on the main challenges in recruitment, replacement of senior staff retiring soon, and scientific priorities. Also, the format of the future IL-cooperation was discussed. Many interesting points were forwarded by the industry partners. These will be well taken care of in the following IL-activities.

The second part was concentrated on the scientific activities in the PEGG-group, under the theme of Foreland Basins. During the first section, held at the campus of UiO on the 24th of May, the scientific staff and research students presented ongoing research at the department, and also gave a background for the field excursion in the Sundvollen area the day to follow. The excursion, led by Johan Petter Nystuen and Knut Bjørlykke, was attended by 16 people and sparked many interesting discussions about the structural and sedimentological development of the Caledonian foreland basin system.

A clear recommendation was given from the industry partners to keep the same format on the Annual gathering in 2008. The IL-committee intends to follow this advice.



May 24th - Dept. of Geosciences
10:00 - 12:00 Business meeting
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 17:30 Foreland Basins - Scientific presentations
17:45 - Departure
20:00 - Dinner at Sundvollen Hotel

May 25th - Excursion in the Sundvollen area

Full program with short versions of the presentations


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