IL Annual meeting 2010

Industrial Liaison Annual Meeting 2010

Thanks to all of you that participated at our annual meeting in September at Radisson SAS Airport Hotel, Gardermoen for fruitful comments and discussions. The members represented were BG, BP, Dana, Idemitsu, Nexen Exploration, Norske Shell and Statoil. In other words new as well as old members attended.

The number of members has increased significantly from an old time low of 8 companies a few years back to 20 at the present, and we will continue with in the struggle to recruit new members. As respons to suggestions put forward at this meeting, we are looking into the possiblity to have a spesial session at The Geological Wintermeeting in January.

The annual meeting is an important arena both for the Department to meet with the members and for the members to get insight in the activities at the Department. The first part focused at the main challenges the department facing in recruitment of students and staff as well as scientific priorities. The second part was concentrated on our scientific activities with respect to the 21st licensing round.

Regarding the Annual gathering in 2011 a clear recommendation was given from the members to return to the 2007 and 2008 format with seminar and excurssion over two days in May. The IL-committee intends to follow this advice.


September 20th - Radisson SAS Airport Hotel, Gardermoen
10:00 Welcome to IL annual meeting and Department of Geosciences: Strategy, projects and recruitment
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Conjugate volcanic margin breakup of the mid-Norwegian and East Greenland Margins using crustal scale velocity and thickness data to determine breakup style
12:55 Crustal architecture and basin evolution in the Barents Sea
13:45 The history of tectonic inversion in the Barents Sea
14:25 Hypoxia development at the  Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum in Svalbard
14:50 Sediment Compaction - The Barents Sea Rock Properties (BarRock) project
15:15 An exploration model based on remigration of Hekkingen oil for the Hammerfest Basin and two possible New Play Scenarios in the Greater Barents Sea Region
15:40 Concluding remarks.

Full program

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