Clinton Phillips Conrad

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Phone +47-22854092
Visiting address ZEB-bygget 2.328
Postal address Postboks 1028 Blindern 0316 OSLO
Other affiliations The International Summer School

Mantle Geodynamics

My research is directed toward gaining a better understanding of the Earth's dynamic interior, with a focus on the mantle, which convects slowly over millions of years, and the lithosphere, which is broken into several tectonic plates that move in response to mantle flow. My research groups uses numerical models and geophysical datasets to understand the dynamical workings of our planet's active interior, and its influence on Earth's surface environment.

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Tags: Geodynamics, Geophysics, Tectonics


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  • Boudinier, G.P.; Wessel, Paul & Conrad, Clinton Phillips (2016). Modeling absolute plate and plume motions.
  • Conrad, Clinton Phillips (2016). Earth Modeling.
  • Conrad, Clinton Phillips (2016). Geodynamics of Earth's Lithosphere and Mantle.
  • Conrad, Clinton Phillips (2016). Inferring Earth’s Long-Wavelength Dynamic Topography from Bathymetry and Plate Motions.
  • Conrad, Clinton Phillips (2016). Water Planet.
  • Conrad, Clinton Phillips; Ballmer, M.D.; Harmon, N. & Smith, E.I. (2016). The shear-driven upwelling: Linking intraplate volcanism to global mantle flow.
  • Conrad, Clinton Phillips; Steinberger, Bernhard & Torsvik, T.H. (2016). Inferring the time history of long-wavlength dynamic topography using tectonic reconstructions and global mantle flow models.
  • Watkins, Clifford Evan & Conrad, Clinton Phillips (2016). Constraints on dynamic topography from asymmetric subsidence across seafloor unperturbed by volcanism surrounding the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and East Pacific Rise.

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