John Hulth

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Phone +47-22855920
Mobile phone 41392555
Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 1 Geologibygningen 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1047 Blindern 0316 OSLO


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  • Filhol, Simon; Schuler, Thomas; Burkhart, John; Hulth, John & Decker, Sven (2017). A network of instrumentation to keep track of snow distribution at Finse, Norway.
  • Burkhart, John; Schuler, Thomas; Tallaksen, Lena M.; Filhol, Simon; Hulth, John & Decker, Sven (2016). Snow model validation in Norway at the Land Atmosphere Interaction in Cold Environments (LATICE) Finse site.
  • Filhol, Simon; Burkhart, John; Schuler, Thomas & Hulth, John (2016). A distributed and real-time wireless network of weather stations for wind-blown snow at Finse, Norway.
  • Filhol, Simon; Burkhart, John; Schuler, Thomas & Hulth, John (2016). Capturing snow depth distribution with a low cost and wireless weather station network.
  • Filhol, Simon; Burkhart, John; Schuler, Thomas & Hulth, John (2016). Weather stations for wind-blown snow at Finse, Norway: A distributed and real-time wireless network of.
  • Schuler, Thomas; Aalstad, Kristoffer; Aas, Kjetil Schanke; Burkhart, John; Dunse, Thorben; Filhol, Simon; Hulth, John; Østby, Torbjørn Ims & Westermann, Sebastian (2016). Towards real-time snow products for Svalbard.
  • Denby, Cecilie Rolstad & Hulth, John (2012). Estimating glacier snow accumulation from backward calculation of melt and snowline tracking.
  • Denby, Cecilie Rolstad; Malnes, Eirik; Burud, Ingunn; Hulth, John & Hock, Regine (2012). Envisat ASAR and meteorological measurments for determination of the spatial extent of glacier snow melt on Jan Mayen, 2009.
  • Denby, Cecilie, Rolstad & Hulth, John (2011). Assessment of differentiated surface elevation data from 1949, 1975 and 2008 for estimates of ice-volume changes at Jan Mayen. Journal of Glaciology.  ISSN 0022-1430.  57(205), s 976- 980
  • Hulth, John; Rolstad, Cecilie & Hock, Regine (2009). Radiosonde data for temperature lapse rates and radiation transmissivity indexs in a distributed temperature-index melt model of Sørbreen, Jan Mayen.
  • Rolstad, Cecilie & Hulth, John (2009). The direct glaciological mass- and energy balance of Sørbreen, Jan Mayen, for the ablation season 2008.
  • Hock, Regine & Hulth, John (2008). Mass Balance of Storglaciären, Sweden: Assessment of uncertainties.
  • Hock, Regine & Hulth, John (2008). Mass balance of Storglaciären, Sweden: Re-evaluation and error assessment.
  • Hulth, John (2008). Glaciological field work on Jan Mayen.
  • Hulth, John & Hock, Regine (2008). Statistical analysis of the spatial and temporal variability of winter mass balance of Storglaciären.

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