A common denominator for many of the research activities is quantitative computations of atmospheric processes with the aid of theoretical and numerical models.

Photo: NRS, UiO

About the group

We carry out research in dynamical, physical and chemical meteorology.  Our research activities are on storm tracks, large-scale dynamics, turbulence, aerosol-climate interactions, polar lows, cloud microphysics, radiative forcing, atmospheric chemistry and many other related topics. We make extensive use of computationally intensive numerical models, such as NorESM, Oslo CTM3, WRF and WRF-CHEM. 


The group has significant collaboration with other institutes both nationally and internationally.  The collaboration involves research and training of Ph.D. students.  At present the following Ph.D. students are affiliated with the Meteorology group:

  • Titike Kassa Bahaga
  • Hans Brenna
  • Magnus Drivdal, MET Norway
  • Anita Verpe Dyrrdal, MET Norway
  • Ada Gjermundsen
  • Inger Helene H. Karset
  • Johanne Hope Rydsaa
  • Christine Smith-Johnsen
  • Birthe Marie R. Steensen, MET Norway
  • Andreas Vogel, NILU
  • Kjetil Schanke Aas
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