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Department Matlab licenses

Matlab is a data-manipulation software package that allows data to be analyzed and visualized using existing functions and user-designed programs. It is an important tool for many of our scientists and students. It is also somewhat expensive.

This is the model results for temperatures in an area of Jotunheimen, from the surface down to 100m below ground. The model is our own cryoGRID_1.0, run on a Matlab installation. Image courtecy of Thomas Schuler.


We have a department-wide agreement for Matlab with toolboxes, delivered by USIT. All department employees can have Matlab w/toolboxes, subject to USIT's license terms. If you wish to obtain it (or a new version of it), please send drift@geo an e-mail. Use our Linux servers - Metos or Jern or Sverdrup - if you have large computations. Use the Abel cluster if you have really large problems.


All student-room machines (linux and PC) have Matlab without toolboxes. The USIT takes the license cost.

Even if you run the package locally, your machine needs to be connected to a network for access to our license server.

By Arnstein Orten
Published Feb 14, 2011 01:46 PM - Last modified Apr 28, 2014 03:02 PM