Persons tagged with «Evolution»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anne Krag Brysting Brysting, Anne Krag Associate professor +47-22857577 Evolution, Polyploidy, Hybridisation, Phylogeography, Plant systematics
Picture of Jon Bråte Bråte, Jon Researcher 22 85 45 10 Evolution, Animals, Protists, Developmental biology, Transcriptomics, Genomics, Phylogenetics, Bioinformatics
Picture of Erika Hagelberg Hagelberg, Erika Professor +47-22855324 Ancient DNA, Evolution, Human evolution, Bioarcheology, Mitochondrial DNA
Picture of Thomas F Hansen Hansen, Thomas F Professor +47-22854521 Evolution, Theoretical biology
Picture of Geir Hestmark Hestmark, Geir Professor +47-22854581 Ecology, Evolution, Landscape ecology, Biodiversity, Ecophysiology, High altitude biology, Conservation biology, South and Middle American biota, Fungi, Lichens, Geology, History of science, Philosophy of science
Picture of Ida Marie Johannessen Johannessen, Ida Marie Doctoral Research Fellow Genetics, Molecular biology, Epigenetics, Arabidopsis, Evolution
Picture of Ina  Jungersen Andresen Jungersen Andresen, Ina PhD candidate Developmental biology, Genetics, Evolution, Long non-coding RNAs, Acetabularia acetabulum, Green algae, Multicellularity, Unicellularity
Picture of Jonfinn Blix Knutsen Knutsen, Jonfinn Blix Ph.D. Candidate Genetics, Arabidopsis, Simple repeats, Evolution
Picture of Inger Nordal Nordal, Inger Professor Emeritus +47-22854665 Speciation, Biodiversity, Evolution, Phylogeography, Plant systematics, Population genetics, Systematics, Biogeography, Phylogeny, Taxonomy, African flora, Monocot evolution, Flora Nordica, Nunatak theory
Picture of Russell Orr Orr, Russell Researcher +47-22854510 Evolution, Phylogeny, Toxins, Dinoflagellates, Comparative genomics, Protists, Transcriptomics, Genomics
Picture of Tore Slagsvold Slagsvold, Tore Professor +47-22857538 Behavior, Behavioral ecology, Evolution, Ornithology, Ecology
Picture of Asbjørn Vøllestad Vøllestad, Asbjørn Professor +47-22854640 Ecology, Evolution, Population genetics, Fish, Freshwater