New leader of BMB

Pål Falnes is taking over the leadership for the Section for Biochemistry and Molecular biology (BMB) after Fahri Saatciouglu.

Image of Pål Falnes

Photo: Elina Melteig

Pål Falnes will be  leading BMB until the 1st of July 2017 when the new head of department, Rein Aasland, will be given the opportunity to choose new section leaders. Pål Falnes has been working at the Department of Biosciences since 2004.

He writes the following about his academic interesst at his personal profile:

The cellular macromolecules DNA, RNA and protein are subject to numerous modifications, including methylations and hydroxylations. Such modifications often have regulatory roles, such as the epigenetic modifications of DNA and chromatin proteins. My major research interest is to identify novel human enzymes involved in the introduction and removal of such modifications, and to address the biological significance of the respective modifications. Recently, I have been studying methyltransferases and hydroxylases involved in modifying tRNA and protein, and, also, demethylases responsible for removing deleterious methyl lesions from DNA. These studies typically involve both biochemical characterization of the modification enzymes, as well as analyses of the modifications in a cellular or organismal context.

Published Oct. 26, 2016 12:37 PM