Student innovation in the battle against antibiotic resistance

Our students are competing in the iGEM competition with their own invention! Phone-lab is a simple instrument to measure antibiotic resistance.

Photo: Elina Melteig

27-31st of October this year 295 teams from all over the world are competing in the iGEM competition. The team from the University of Oslo are competing with the project Urinetrouble and they are presenting their results at Saturday 3:30 PM (UTC 05:00).
The results will be announced Monday 31st of October. The Norwegian team will share their experiences with us through the Snapchat account at the Department of biosciences (@biovitenskap).
The team consists of 7 students from 4 different departments (informatics, school of pharmacy, physics and biosciences). They have chosen to work on a subject that is getting more and more important in years to come: Antibiotic resistance.
They have developed a simple method to detect antibiotic resistance with a device that they have designed on their own. The device, Phone-lab, can be 3D-printed anywhere in the world. The goal is to detect antibiotic resistance in a simple way in order to avoid over use. This way the students can help reduce the spreading of the resistance genes.
iGEM is an international student competition in synthetic biology. More information about iGEM and the competition can be found at their homepages.
Published Oct. 27, 2016 7:08 PM - Last modified Oct. 28, 2016 1:56 PM