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Visiting address Kristine Bonnevies hus Blindernveien 31 0371 Oslo Norway
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 OSLO


Articles in International Peer Reviewed Journals

Aynekulu, E., Denich, M., Tsegaye, D., Aerts, R., Neuwirth, B. and Boehmer, H.J. 2011. Dieback affects forest structure in a dry Afromontane forest in northern Ethiopia. Journal of Arid Environments doi:10.1016/j.jaridenv.2010.12.013.

Diress Tsegaye, Stein R. Moe, Paul Vedeld and Ermias Aynekulu. 2010. Land-use/cover dynamics in Northern Afar rangelands, Ethiopia. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 139 (1-2): 174-180.

DiressTsegaye, Mitiku Haile, and Stein R. Moe. 2010.The effect of land use on the recruitment and populatioon structure of the important food and fodder plant, Dobera glabra (Forssk.) Poir., in northern Afar. Journal of Arid Environments 74 (9): 1074-1082

Diress Tsegaye, Stein R. Moe, and Mitiku Haile. 2009. Livestock browsing, not water limitations, contributes to recruitment failure of Dobera glabra in Semiarid Ethiopia. Rangeland Ecology & Management 62 (6): 540-549.

Ermias Aynekulu, Manfred Denich, and Diress Tsegaye. 2009. Regeneration response of Juniperus procera and Olea europaea subsp cuspidata to Exclosure in a Dry Afromontane Forest in Northern Ethiopia. Mountain Research and Developmen29 (2): 143–152.

Diress Tsegaye, Nyariki, D.M. & Farah, K.O. 2000. Changing Land-use Systems and Socio-economic Roles of Vegetation in Semi-arid Africa: The case of the Afar and Tigrai of Ethiopia. J. Soc. Sci. 4:199-206.

Diress Tsegaye, Farah, K.O. & Nyariki, D.M. 1999. Influence of Settlements on Land Use and Vegetation in the Rangelands of Northeastern Ethiopia: Application of Aerial Photographic Technique. J. Hum. Ecol. 10: 349-356.

Submitted papers

Diress Tsegaye, Stein R., Moe, Mitiku Haile. Seed predation and moisture limit germination of recalcitrant Dobera glabra (Salvadoraceae) seeds in the Afar rangelands, Ethiopia.

PhD Thesis

Diress Tsegaye. Afar pastoralists in a changing rangeland environment. 2010. PhD thesis, Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway.

M. Sc. Thesis

Diress Tsegaye, Kassim O. Farah, and Dickson M. Mbuvi. 1999. Impact of land use on vegetation resources with emphasis on woody vegetation in the semi-arid area of Aba'ala district, North Afar, Ethiopia. M.Sc. thesis, Department of Range management, University of Nairobi, Kenya.


Aregay Waktola and Diress Tsegaye. 2005 (Under review for publication). Research methods: A textbook on concepts, principles and processes. Faculty of Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mekelle University.

Mitiku, H., Tsegaye, D. & Tegegene, T. (eds.). 2004. Research and development experiences of the Dryland Husbandry Project in Ethiopia. Dryland Husbandry Project, Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia. ISBN: 9781904855408. Pp. 174.

Ahmed, A.G.M., Alemayehu, A., Babiker, M. & Tsegaye, D. 2002. Post-drought recovery strategies among the pastoral households in the horn of Africa: A review. - Development Research Report Series no.3, Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) and Institute for Development Anthropology (IDA), Broadening Access and Strengthening Input Market Systems-Collaborative Research Support Program (BASIS-CRSP), USA. Addis Ababa. ISBN 1608-8875. Pp. 80.

Mitiku, H., Tegegne, T., Alemayehu, A., Tsegaye, D. & Merha, Z. (eds.). 1999. Proceedings of the National Workshop on "Challenges and Opportunities for Research and Development in Pastoral/agropastoral Areas of Ethiopia" 16-18 December 1998. - Dryland Husbandry Project, Mekelle University, Ethiopia.

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  • Reimers, Eigil; Flydal, Kjetil; Korslund, Lars; Eftestøl, Sindre; Colman, Jonathan Edward & Alemu, Diress Tsegaye (2015). Power lines, reindeer and UV. Biological Conservation.  ISSN 0006-3207.  184, s 471- 471 . doi: 10.1016/j.biocon.2014.12.026
  • Colman, Jonathan Edward; Eftestøl, Sindre; Bergmo, Tine; Moe, Stein Ragnar; Flydal, Kjetil & Tsegaye, Diress (2012). Avoidance and barrier effects of a 420 kV power line on range use and migration patterns of semi-domestic reindeer.
  • Colman, Jonathan Edward; Eftestøl, Sindre; Flydal, Kjetil; Rapp, Kåre; Røthe, Gunnlaug & Tsegaye, Diress (2012). VindRein-KraftRein - Essand – Vannøy – Fosen – Setesdal aust- og vesthei – Kjøllefjord – Berlevåg og Sørøya. Årsrapport 2011.
  • Colman, Jonathan Edward; Lin, Wenjiao; Moe, Stein Ragnar & Tsegaye, Diress (2012). The influence of reindeer grazing and trampling on newly seeded fields in northern Norway.
  • Colman, Jonathan Edward; Tröger, Carolin; Eftestøl, Sindre & Tsegaye, Diress (2012). The Strip Transect Method (STM) versus the Plot Sampling Method (PSM); what provides the best data in the least amount of time?.
  • Eftestøl, Sindre; Colman, Jonathan Edward; Tsegaye, Diress & Flydal, Kjetil (2012). Are consecutive GPS positions the best method for testing reindeers’ speed of movement when crossing linear structures?.
  • Kebebew, F.; Tsegaye, Diress & Synnevåg, Gry (2001). Traditional coping strategies of the Afar and Borana pastoralists in response to drought.

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