Marita Borg Distefano

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Visiting address Blindernveien 31 None 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Student)


  • Kjos, Ingrid; Distefano, Marita Borg; Sætre, Frank Ove; Repnik, Urska; Holland, Petter; Jones, Arwyn T; Engedal, Nikolai; Simonsen, Anne; Bakke, Oddmund & Progida, Cinzia (2017). Rab7b modulates autophagic flux by interacting with Atg4B. EMBO Reports.  ISSN 1469-221X.  18(10), s 1727- 1739 . doi: 10.15252/embr.201744069 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Repnik, Urska; Distefano, Marita Borg; Speth, Martin; NG, Matthew Yoke Wui; Progida, Cinzia; Hoflack, Bernard; Gruenberg, Jean & Griffiths, Gareth (2017). L-leucyl-L-leucine methyl ester does not release cysteine cathepsins to the cytosol but inactivates them in transiently permeabilized lysosomes. Journal of Cell Science.  ISSN 0021-9533.  130(18), s 3124- 3140 . doi: 10.1242/jcs.204529
  • Kucera, Ana; Distefano, Marita Borg; Berg-Larsen, Axel; Skjeldal, Frode Miltzow; Repnik, Urska; Bakke, Oddmund & Progida, Cinzia (2016). Spatiotemporal Resolution of Rab9 and CI-MPR Dynamics in the Endocytic Pathway. Traffic : the International Journal of Intracellular Transport.  ISSN 1398-9219.  17(3), s 211- 229 . doi: 10.1111/tra.12357
  • Borg, Marita Jeanett Halsen; Bakke, Oddmund & Progida, Cinzia (2014). A novel interaction between Rab7b and actomyosin reveals a dual role in intracellular transport and cell migration. Journal of Cell Science.  ISSN 0021-9533.  127(22), s 4927- 4939 . doi: 10.1242/jcs.155861

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View all works in Cristin

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