Technical/Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Rita Amundsen Amundsen, Rita Head Engineer +47-22854645 +47-98013824
Picture of Andreas Beesoo-Amundsen Beesoo-Amundsen, Andreas Higher Executive Officer +47-22856040
Picture of Ane Mari  Bjørnæs Bjørnæs, Ane Mari Higher Executive Officer (On leave) +47 22844155 +47 99471484
Picture of Hans Borg Borg, Hans Administrative Manager +47-22854687 Central workshop, Instrumentmaker, Instrumentservice, Mechanics, Fine mechanics, Optics, Microscope service, Prototypes
Picture of Sissel Irene Brubak Brubak, Sissel Irene Senior Engineer +47-22854527
Picture of Lise Bøkenes Bøkenes, Lise Senior Executive Officer +47-22855628
Christensen, Haaken Hveding Head Engineer +47-22854696
Dobbe, Kristine Higher Executive Officer +47-22856040
Picture of Kristine Dobbe Dobbe, Kristine Higher Executive Officer +47-22856040
Picture of Johan Erland Erland, Johan Head Engineer +47-22845852
Picture of Roy Falleth Falleth, Roy Chief Research Technician +47-22854607
Galteland, Torborg Nowegian Society for Biology Norsk biologforening
Picture of Agata Teresa Gondek Gondek, Agata Teresa Research Assistant
Picture of Gry Gundersen Gundersen, Gry Senior Adviser +47-22857289 +47-99729134
Picture of Linda Hofstad Haugen Haugen, Linda Hofstad Head Engineer +47-22854441
Picture of Anders Herland Herland, Anders Principal Engineer +47-22858155
Picture of Anders Herland Herland, Anders Principal Engineer +47-22858155
Hodnebrug, Ina Higher Executive Officer +47-22857267 PhD, study administration
Picture of Antje Hofgaard Hofgaard, Antje Head Engineer +47-22856190
Picture of Sindre Holm Holm, Sindre Administrative Manager +47-90546605 +47-90546605
Picture of Ibrahim Hujaleh Hujaleh, Ibrahim Senior Engineer +47-22855013
Picture of Hilde C Bergvin Hyldmo Hyldmo, Hilde C Bergvin Principal Engineer +47-22856211 +47-93419368
Picture of Ane Haarr Haarr, Ane Consultant and Research assistant +47 97094524 reception, research assistant, Toxicology
Picture of Ingrid Johansen Johansen, Ingrid Principal Engineer +47-22857793
Picture of Oliver Kersten Kersten, Oliver Research Assistant Ancient DNA, aDNA, Marine ecology, Metabarcoding, DNA sequence analysis, Genomics, Zooplankton