The Chromatome team


From left:  Ignacio Cuervo, Melanie Engelfriet, Ragnhild Eskeland (PI), Martin Falck, and Beata Nadratowska-Wesolowska . Photo: Elina Melteig.

The chromatome team focuses on epigenetic regulation in embryonic stem cells and cancer.

The main interest in our lab is to understand how gene activity is regulated by local composition (histone modifications and variants), chromatin structure and nuclear organisation. We uniquely combine in vitro and in vivo approaches to study these epigenetic mechanisms during in embryonic stem cell differentiation, in cancer cells and after exposure to drugs.

Eskeland is in the leader team of PharmaTox strategic research initiative and a partner PI in the Centre for Cancer Cell Reprogramming.

Our research is funded by:


Anders Jahre Legat

Nansenfondet og de forbundne fond

Wedel Jarlsberg Fond