Centre for Epigenetics, Development and Evolution (CEDE)

CEDE is a new "prioritized research area" at the Department of Biosciences and  an initiative to strengthen research in evolutionary developmental biology (Evodevo) at the University of Oslo.

Our vision is to develop a strong and integrated research environment to identify the basic structure, evolution and outcome of the genotype-phenotype relation on all levels from molecule to whole organism based on perspectives from Waddington's epigenetics and modern evodevo. We want to strengthen developmental biology and establish evodevo as a research discipline at UiO. We envision a comparative macroevolutionary perspective including phylogeny and paleobiology, and we will put emphasis on modelling and systems biology.

EvoDevo Journal Club

If you wish to join the Journal Club send an e-mail to Thomas Hansen, t.f.hansen@ibv.uio.no