Nettsider med emneord «Design»

Publisert 20. aug. 2016 23:55

With the rapid growth in implementations and use of DHIS2 ( we have a need to professionalize and scale up the system and processes for handling new functional/non-functional requirements. The new processes and system must facilitate reception of inputs from users across the globe, track these inputs, assure that inputs are on an adequate format and finally pass them on to the software developers.

Students will be involved in an action-research project with the following cycle: 1) analyzing the existing situation and needs, 2) researching and analyzing potential software packages to support the process, 3) designing a process and a pilot system, 4) implementing the pilot, 5) evaluating the pilot and drawing key lessons, 6) if possible take part in implementing a full-scale process and system based on pilot.

Publisert 1. juni 2016 11:30

Our everyday lives involve several information systems, including many that we do not notice until they do not work properly. Most systems stay in the background, hence we may lose our competence about them and how they work. This thesis theme addresses design of information systems where the users can increase their competence about the system through using it. 

Publisert 13. des. 2014 14:52

Tone Bratteteig følger sjelden oppskriftene slavisk. Hun vil skape ting selv - enten det er matretter, strikketøy eller utedoer. Når det gjelder IT-verktøy er hun mest opptatt av at brukerne skal like det hun utvikler for dem.

Publisert 3. apr. 2014 12:27

Free software are easily deployed in several geographical regions, and are (because its intrinsic freedom) well suited to crowdsourcing of such tasks as translation and localization. Translation skills are not synonymous with programming or development skills and lends itself to a much wider audience for crowdsourcing than programming. This thesis project researches how localization and translation of free software can be assisted by providing tools that support crowdsourcing these tasks.

Publisert 29. aug. 2011 08:28
Publisert 4. apr. 2011 11:55

Informasjonssystemer påvirker hvordan vi gjør ting, både for individ og samfunn. Kunnskap om hvordan IT brukes i praksis og om hvilke effekter en IT-løsning har for individ og samfunn, gir bakgrunn for  å designe alternative og bedre IT-løsninger.

Publisert 4. nov. 2010 13:56
Publisert 4. nov. 2010 13:47