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Picture of Marina Agersborg Agersborg, Marina Higher Executive Officer +47-22840926
Picture of Fritz Albregtsen Albregtsen, Fritz Professor +47-22852463 +47-91163005 Image analysis, texture analysis, medical applications, quality metrics
Picture of Katja Elisabeth Andersson Andersson, Katja Elisabeth Higher Executive Officer - On leave
Picture of Marianne Andresen Andresen, Marianne Higher Executive Officer +47-22852422
Picture of Otto Anshus Anshus, Otto Professor II +47-91573265
Picture of Roger Antonsen Antonsen, Roger Associate Professor +47-22852482 97588742 Logic, Mathematical Logic, Logical Calculi, Proof Theory, Automated Reasoning, Proof Search, Modal Logic, First-Order Logic, Complexity Theory, Automata, Combinatorics, Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics, Arduino, Netlogo, Processing, Outreach, Science Communication
Arvidsson, Viktor Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Snorre Aunet Aunet, Snorre Nano- og mikroteknologi
Picture of Andreas Austeng Austeng, Andreas Associate Professor +47-22852741
Picture of Abdulrahman Azab Azab, Abdulrahman Head Engineer +47-46797339 +47-46797339 Bioinformatics, Grid computing, cloud computing, High-performance computing, High-throughput computing, IT support for research, Python programming, C++ programming, Java programming, R programming, Docker
Bakke, Sturla
Picture of Runa Barik Barik, Runa PhD Candidate Network, Internet, MiddleBox, Transport layer
Berg, Henning
Picture of Yngvar Berg Berg, Yngvar Professor +47-22852701
Picture of Eli Berge Berge, Eli Senior Adviser +47-22852497 Web editor, Communication, Recruitment, Research communication, Cristin
Picture of Gunnar Rye Bergersen Bergersen, Gunnar Rye Associate Professor programming, skill, knowledge, expertise, ability, measurement
Bergh, Trond
Picture of Thomas Bertelsen Bertelsen, Thomas Senior Executive Officer +47-22840955
Picture of Shiji Bijo Bijo, Shiji PhD Candidate
Bjørndal, Øystein
Picture of Ann Elisabeth Albright Blomberg Blomberg, Ann Elisabeth Albright Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22852948
Picture of Esra Boncuk Boncuk, Esra Higher Executive Officer +47-22858218 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Master education
Picture of Tone Bratteteig Bratteteig, Tone Professor +47-22852427
Picture of Rolv Erlend Bredesen Bredesen, Rolv Erlend
Picture of Are Magnus Bruaset Bruaset, Are Magnus Professor II +47-67828342
Picture of Eskil Brun Brun, Eskil Senior Engineer +47-22852436 +47-90625406 Linux
Picture of Jørn Braa Braa, Jørn Professor +47-22852408
Picture of Kristin Braa Braa, Kristin Professor +47-22852754 +47-41630260
Picture of Kristin Bråthen Bråthen, Kristin Senior Executive Officer +47-22852956 +47-22852410
Picture of Antonio Gonzalez Burgueno Burgueno, Antonio Gonzalez PhD Candidate 99119857
Picture of Jo Inge Buskenes Buskenes, Jo Inge
Picture of Bendik Bygstad Bygstad, Bendik Professor +47-22840109
Picture of Svein Bøe Bøe, Svein Senior Engineer +47-22840170 +47-92442858
Børsting, Jorun PhD Candidate
Picture of Xing Cai Cai, Xing Professor +47-48294368
Cameron, David Centre Coordinator +47 22 85 04 46 + 47 48084637
Carlsen, Odd Joachim
Cecconello, Elsa
Picture of Øystein Christiansen Christiansen, Øystein Senior Engineer +47-22852462 +47-92429003
Picture of Nils Damm Christophersen Christophersen, Nils Damm Professor +47-22852406 +47-93496172 open source, open science, innovation, entrepreneurship
Picture of Alma Leora Culén Culén, Alma Leora Associate Professor +47-22852494 interaction, use of technology and interaction modes, service design, interfaces
Picture of Ali Dadashi Dadashi, Ali PhD Candidate 45003363
Picture of Kirsti Ales Dalseth Dalseth, Kirsti Ales Senior Executive Officer +47-22850476
Danielsen, Asbjørn
Picture of Håvard Emil Danielsen Danielsen, Håvard Emil Professor II +47-22934000 +47-90608723
Picture of Crystal Chang Din Din, Crystal Chang Postdoctoral Fellow formal methods, verification, concurrency, Object-orientation
Picture of Diana Domanska Domanska, Diana Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Frank Eliassen Eliassen, Frank Professor +47-22840148 Distributed systems, middleware, self-adaptive software systems, ubiquitous and mobile systems, sensor networks, video streaming
Picture of Kristin Broch Eliassen Eliassen, Kristin Broch Administrative Manager +47-22852834
Picture of Ole Jakob Elle Elle, Ole Jakob Associate Professor Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Adaptable systems, Reconfigurable hardware, Evolution
Engelstad, Paal Einar Professor II
Eriksrød, Jon Håvard PhD Candidate +47-22840840
Fares, Murhaf PhD Candidate
Picture of Lukasz Farian Farian, Lukasz
Picture of Roar Fjellheim Fjellheim, Roar Professor II 67 83 10 00 901 25 705
Fjelstad, Erling Overingeniør
Picture of Raluca-Madalina Florea Florea, Raluca-Madalina PhD Candidate
Picture of Jon Henrik Forssell Forssell, Jon Henrik Researcher +47-22852781
Fruijtier, Elisabeth Johanna PhD Candidate
Picture of Vamsidhar Reddy Gaddam Gaddam, Vamsidhar Reddy
Picture of Andrea Alessandro Gasparini Gasparini, Andrea Alessandro PhD Candidate +47 908 46 905 Design Thinking, User-driven innovation, Service Design, Living Lab
Gebre-Mariam, Mikael Hailu PhD Candidate
Picture of Hanne Cecilie Geirbo Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie Lecturer +47-22840842
Picture of Martin Giese Giese, Martin Professor +47-22852737 logic, big data, semantic web, automated reasoning, proof search, first order logic
Picture of Abyot Asalefew Gizaw Gizaw, Abyot Asalefew Senior Engineer +47-22840056
Picture of Stein Gjessing Gjessing, Stein Professor +47-22852444 +47-92695558 +47-92695558
Gkolfi, Anastasia PhD Candidate
Picture of Kyrre Glette Glette, Kyrre Associate Professor +47-22841695 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware, Biologically-inspired Computing, Embedded Systems, Machine Learning
Picture of Vera Hermine Goebel Goebel, Vera Hermine Professor +47-22852402
Picture of Miria Grisot Grisot, Miria Researcher +47-22852409
Picture of Carsten Griwodz Griwodz, Carsten Professor +47-45258004 +47-92684380
Picture of Lars Groth Groth, Lars Professor II +47-22840846 +47-92864971
Grytten, Ivar PhD Candidate
Picture of Sveinung Gundersen Gundersen, Sveinung Senior Engineer +47-22840862 Bioinformatics, Genomics, Statistics, Computer science
Picture of Yngve Hafting Hafting, Yngve Senior Engineer +47-22841691 +47-41120878 robotics and intelligent systems, safety delegate, electronics, FPGA, 3D-printing, purchases
Picture of Jørn Hagerup Hagerup, Jørn Senior Engineer +47-22852891 Printing, User administration
Picture of Desta Haileselassie  Hagos Hagos, Desta Haileselassie PhD Candidate +4748058339
Picture of Pål Halvorsen Halvorsen, Pål Professor +47-97080007
Picture of Svein-Erik Hamran Hamran, Svein-Erik Professor II +47-63807254 Environmental geophysics
Picture of Gisle Hannemyr Hannemyr, Gisle Lecturer +47-22852432 +47-90553659
Hansen, Hans Vatne
Picture of Morten Olav Hansen Hansen, Morten Olav Senior Engineer +84 1675770401 DHIS2
Picture of Roy Edgar Hansen Hansen, Roy Edgar synthetic aperture sonar, imaging, sonar, signal processing
Picture of Simen Gimle Hansen Hansen, Simen Gimle Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Adaptable systems, Reconfigurable hardware, Evolution
Picture of Thomas Hansen Hansen, Thomas Senior Engineer +47-22852747 +47-92299305 Mac
Picture of Ole Hanseth Hanseth, Ole Professor +47-22852431 +47-95908509
Picture of David Andrew Hayes Hayes, David Andrew Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22845566
Picture of Jo Herstad Herstad, Jo Associate Professor +47-22840051 +47-91560563
Picture of Håkon André Hjortland Hjortland, Håkon André Research fellow Nanoelectronics and robotics, IR-UWB, Radar, Radio communication, Wireless sensor networks, Radio, Microelectronics
Picture of Gordana Ilić Holen Holen, Gordana Ilić Stipendiat
Picture of Sverre Holm Holm, Sverre Professor +47-22852704 +47-93215705
Picture of Ian Horrocks Horrocks, Ian Professor II
Hovde, Svein Anton Senior Lecturer
Picture of Eivind Hovig Hovig, Eivind Professor II Life sciences, Bioinformatics
Picture of Dag Hovland Hovland, Dag Researcher +47-55584373 +47-97046378
Picture of Philipp Dominik Häfliger Häfliger, Philipp Dominik Associate Professor +47-22840118 Life sciences, Electronics, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Integrated circuits, Neuromorphic systems, Micro-implants, Machine Learning
Picture of Mats Erling Høvin Høvin, Mats Erling Associate Professor +47-22840823 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Adaptable Systems, Biology-inspired Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware
Picture of Lars Håkedal Håkedal, Lars Senior Engineer +47-22840806 +47-90749204 Network
Picture of Safiqul Islam Islam, Safiqul Researcher +47-22840837 +47 22 84 08 37
Picture of Angelina Ivanova Ivanova, Angelina