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Picture of Thomas Hansen Hansen, Thomas Senior Engineer +47-22852747 +47-92299305 Mac
Picture of Ole Hanseth Hanseth, Ole Professor +47-22852431 +47-95908509
Picture of Jo Herstad Herstad, Jo Associate Professor +47-22840051 +47-91560563
Hilland, Elise Higher Executive Officer +47-22845780
Picture of Kristian Andreas Hiorth Hiorth, Kristian Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840566 networks, Congestion control, RINA, OCARINA
Picture of Sverre Holm Holm, Sverre Professor +47-22852704 +47-93215705
Holter, Karl Erik Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ian Horrocks Horrocks, Ian Professor II
Hovde, Svein Anton Senior Lecturer
Picture of Eivind Hovig Hovig, Eivind Professor II Life sciences, Bioinformatics
Picture of Dag Hovland Hovland, Dag Researcher +47-97046378 97046378
Picture of Kristian Gregorius Hustad Hustad, Kristian Gregorius Research Assistant Python, Jupyter, JupyterHub, DocOnce
Picture of Stine Myhre Hverven Hverven, Stine Myhre Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Philipp Dominik Häfliger Häfliger, Philipp Dominik Professor +47-22840118 Life sciences, Electronics, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Integrated circuits, Neuromorphic systems, Micro-implants, Machine Learning, USA
Picture of Mats Erling Høvin Høvin, Mats Erling Associate Professor +47-22840823 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Adaptable Systems, Biology-inspired Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware
Picture of Lars Håkedal Håkedal, Lars Senior Engineer +47-22840806 +47-90749204 Network
Picture of Safiqul Islam Islam, Safiqul Researcher +47-22840837 +47 22 84 08 37
Picture of Magdalena Ivanovska Ivanovska, Magdalena Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840848
Picture of Tollef Struksnes Jahren Jahren, Tollef Struksnes Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Øyvind Janbu Janbu, Øyvind PhD Candidate 92 63 31 31
Picture of Are Charles Jensen Jensen, Are Charles Associate Professor +47-22852492
Picture of Siri Annethe Moe Jensen Jensen, Siri Annethe Moe Lecturer +47-22840884
Picture of Herman Ruge Jervell Jervell, Herman Ruge Professor Emeritus +47-22840121 +47-98853310
Picture of Lin Jia-Chun Jia-Chun, Lin Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz Jimenez-Ruiz, Ernesto Researcher semantic web, semantic technologies, ontologies, ontology alignment
Picture of Asbjørg Dyveke Johnsen Johnsen, Asbjørg Dyveke Senior Adviser +47-22840560 98878742
Picture of Einar Broch Johnsen Johnsen, Einar Broch Professor +47-22852509
Joshi, Suhas Govind Senior Lecturer
Picture of Eric Bartley Jul Jul, Eric Bartley Professor +47-22840853 +4540251650
Junge, Ines Doctoral Research Fellow
Jørgensen, Fredrik Lecturer
Picture of Magne Jørgensen Jørgensen, Magne Professor +47-92433355 +47-92433355
Picture of Audun Jøsang Jøsang, Audun Professor +47-22845524 +47-98431433 Security, Cybersecurity, Sikkerhet, Cybersikkerhet
Picture of Chakravarthi Kanduri Kanduri, Chakravarthi Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Dino Karabeg Karabeg, Dino Associate Professor +47-22852702 41292040 Russia, Global South
Picture of Amela Karahasanovic Karahasanovic, Amela Associate Professor +47-22067873
Picture of Farzane Karami Karami, Farzane Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Leif Harald Karlsen Karlsen, Leif Harald Doctoral Research Fellow
Karlsen , Joakim PhD student
Kasicheyanula, Taraka Rama Postdoctoral Fellow +4992564918
Picture of Benjamin Kehlet Kehlet, Benjamin
Kempton, Alexander Moltubakk Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Naeem Khademi Khademi, Naeem Postdoctorate Researcher +47-22852493 Transport layer, Rate adaptation, Wireless networks, Performance evaluation, Internet, 802.11 WLAN, Congestion control
Picture of Weria Khaksar Khaksar, Weria Postdoctoral Fellow +47-46216735
Picture of Ksenia Khelik Khelik, Ksenia
Picture of Kristian Gjertsen Kjelgård Kjelgård, Kristian Gjertsen Head Engineer +47-22840914
Picture of Andreas Kleppe Kleppe, Andreas Researcher Medical applications, Texture analysis, Image analysis, Pattern recognition
Klungre, Vidar Norstein Doctoral Research Fellow 91370102
Picture of Terje Knudsen Knudsen, Terje Senior Engineer +47-22852748 +47-93023847
Picture of Lars Kristiansen Kristiansen, Lars Professor +47-22855897 92210527 +47 922 10 527 Mathematical Logic, Computability Theory, Complexity Theory
Picture of Stein Kristiansen Kristiansen, Stein Researcher +47-22852740
Picture of Tore Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Tore Senior Engineer +47-22852894 Windows
Picture of Stein Krogdahl Krogdahl, Stein +47-22852446
Picture of Srinivasa Reddy Kuppi Reddi Kuppi Reddi, Srinivasa Reddy Research Fellow +4722840163 +4794113221 +4794113221
Picture of Andrei Kutuzov Kutuzov, Andrei Doctoral Research Fellow +4740648218 Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Word Embeddings
Kvam, Johannes
Picture of Olav Stanly Kyrvestad Kyrvestad, Olav Stanly Senior Engineer +47-22852412 +47-93401045 IT support for research, IT support for education, CAD, Electronics, Purchasing, Nanoelectronics and robotics, HES
Picture of Jens Johan Kaasbøll Kaasbøll, Jens Johan Professor +47-22852429
Picture of Karin Lagesen Lagesen, Karin Associate Professor Annotation, Atlantic cod, Genomics, Programming, Amplicon high throughput sequencing, Bioinformatics, Comparative genomics, DNA sequence analysis, DNA sequencing, High-throughput sequencing, Open-source tools
Picture of Tor Sverre Lande Lande, Tor Sverre Professor, nanoelectronics +47 22 85 24 55 Nanoelectronics, Analog, Mixed-signal, Impulse radio, UWB, Wireless, Technology, RFID, Radar
Landmark, Knut Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840829
Picture of Dag Langmyhr Langmyhr, Dag Lecturer +47-228 52450 +47-95748539 Education, Programming languages, Document storage, Digital typography, LaTeX
Picture of Emanuele Lapponi Lapponi, Emanuele Doctoral Research Fellow
Latif, Adnan Senior Adviser
Le, Dat Tien Doctoral Research Fellow
Lebesbye, Torgeir Head Engineer +47-22852419
Picture of Eunji Lee Lee, Eunji
Picture of Qian Li Li, Qian Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845730
Picture of Elisabeth Lien Lien, Elisabeth
Picture of Karoline Tufte Lien Lien, Karoline Tufte Senior Engineer +4792869892 Global South, Global Health, Health Information Systems
Picture of Knut Liestøl Liestøl, Knut Professor +47-22857963 +47-95722532
Picture of Yngve Lindsjørn Lindsjørn, Yngve Senior Lecturer +47-22840856 +47-91549138
Picture of Ole Christian Lingjærde Lingjærde, Ole Christian Professor +47-22857964 +47-22852410 +47-41025247 46636659 Bioinformatics
Picture of Alice Aké Loba Loba, Alice Aké Senior Executive Officer
Loutfi, Ijlal Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840834
Picture of Daniel Lupp Lupp, Daniel Doctoral Research Fellow 40380521
Picture of Olav Lysne Lysne, Olav Professor +47-67828384
Picture of Jon Kristen Lærdahl Lærdahl, Jon Kristen Associate Professor +47-22844784 +47-99507335 Life sciences, Bioinformatics
Lønmo, Tor Inge Birkenes
Picture of Jan Tore Lønning Lønning, Jan Tore Professor +47-22840120 +47-95795846
Maharjan, Sabita Associate Professor +47-22840837
Marek, Marcel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Charles Martin Martin, Charles Postdoctoral Fellow +47 920 14 165 Music Technology, HCI, Intelligent Systems, Mobile Applications, Improvisation, Collaborative Creativity, Percussion
Martini, Antonio Associate Professor
Picture of Jasmina Masovic Masovic, Jasmina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jacopo Mauro Mauro, Jacopo Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850465
Picture of Arne Maus Maus, Arne Professor Emeritus +47-22852451 object orientation, Algorithms, Parallel programming, sorting
Picture of Vasileios Mavroeidis Mavroeidis, Vasileios Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hani Nozari Mirarkolaei Mirarkolaei, Hani Nozari +47-47179461
Picture of Omid Mirmotahari Mirmotahari, Omid Associate Professor +47-22857700 +47-45050045 45 05 00 45
Picture of Justinas Miseikis Miseikis, Justinas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854409
Monteiro, Eric Professor II +47-95213088 +47-95213088 95213088
Moradi Khanshan, Tohid Doctoral Research Fellow
Mukherjee, Arunima Sehgal Senior Executive Officer
Mumtaz, Summaya Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ellen Munthe-Kaas Munthe-Kaas, Ellen Head of Department +47-22852801
Picture of Hani Murad Murad, Hani Undvp u/gdkj.ped.utd
Picture of Cato Kristoffer Myhre Myhre, Cato Kristoffer Apprentice
Picture of Birger Møller-Pedersen Møller-Pedersen, Birger Professor +47 22 85 24 37 +47 91 82 72 79
Mønsted, Troels Sune Postdoctoral Fellow