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Picture of Ola Hodne Titlestad Titlestad, Ola Hodne Senior Engineer +47-48069736 48069736
Titov, Dmytro Senior Engineer
Picture of Shukun Tokas Tokas, Shukun Doctoral Research Fellow
Touileb, Samia Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Narve Erling Trædal Trædal, Narve Erling Prev. Head of Office - Retired
Picture of Aslak Tveito Tveito, Aslak Professor +47-67828282 +47-90687348
Picture of Lars Tveito Tveito, Lars Doctoral Research Fellow
Tømmer, Mathias Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jim Tørresen Tørresen, Jim Professor +47-22852454 92846669 Biology-inspired Computing, Evolvable Hardware, Evolutionary Computing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Reconfigurable hardware, Adaptable Systems
Picture of Md Zia Uddin Uddin, Md Zia Postdoctoral Fellow
Ulleberg, Øystein Associate Professor +47-22845532
Picture of Maja Van Der Velden Van Der Velden, Maja Associate Professor +47-22852816 human rights, ethics, Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), sustainability, gender, participatory design, recycling, regulation, repair, critical design, sustainable technology, circular economy
Picture of Mari Helén Varøy Varøy, Mari Helén Senior Executive Officer +47-22852925 Recognition, Fire safety, Admissions, Student guidance, Student and academic administration, Health, Quality of education, safety and environment (HSE)
Picture of Polyxeni Vasilakopoulou Vasilakopoulou, Polyxeni Researcher
Picture of Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo Vega-Gorgojo, Guillermo
Picture of Francisco Javier Velazquez-Garcia Velazquez-Garcia, Francisco Javier +47-22845558 92809859 92809859 protocols, multimedia adaptation, future mobile internet, mobile applications, networking, process migration
Picture of Erik Velldal Velldal, Erik Associate Professor +47-22840119 NLP, AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, language engineering, language technology, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics
Picture of Guri Birgitte Verne Verne, Guri Birgitte Researcher +47-22840993
Picture of Kamer Vishi Vishi, Kamer Doctoral Research Fellow +47-94259172 Web development, Biometrics, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Cryptoanalysis, Penetration testing, Information & Computer Security, Keyboard player
Picture of Roman Vitenberg Vitenberg, Roman Professor +47-22850493 social networks, dependability, fog computing, middleware, blockchain, cloud computing, distributed systems
Waldeland, Anders Ueland
Picture of Michael Welzl Welzl, Michael Professor +47-22852420 Network, transport layer, Internet
Picture of Dag T Wisland Wisland, Dag T Professor +47-22852705 +47-91367679
Picture of Arild Waaler Waaler, Arild Professor +47-22840055
Picture of Ingrid Chieh Yu Yu, Ingrid Chieh Associate Professor +47-22845525
Picture of Ali Zaher Zaher, Ali Researcher +47-22845581
Zhang, Min Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Yan Zhang Zhang, Yan Professor 48881909 Energy Informatics; Smart Grid; Big Data (e.g., Energy, Wireless); 5G
Picture of Xiaojie Zhu Zhu, Xiaojie Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Petter Øgland Øgland, Petter Visiting Researcher
Picture of Aleksander Øhrn Øhrn, Aleksander Professor II +47-47937222
Picture of Peter Csaba Ølveczky Ølveczky, Peter Csaba Professor +47-22852498
Picture of Joar Martin Østby Østby, Joar Martin Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jan Henrik Øverland Øverland, Jan Henrik Senior Engineer
Picture of Lars Helge Øverland Øverland, Lars Helge Senior Engineer
Øvrelid, Egil Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lilja Øvrelid Øvrelid, Lilja Associate Professor +47-22840850 Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning, language technology
Picture of Margunn Aanestad Aanestad, Margunn Professor +47-22852545