Bjørnar Steinnes Luteberget

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Mobile phone 97125454
Visiting address Ole-johan Dahl hus Gaustadaleen 23B
Other affiliations Department for Informatics

Working on the RailCons project, a collaboration between University of Oslo and RailComplete AS.

Interested in Datalog, controlled natural language, SAT, SMT, constraint solving, model checking, etc. and their applications to CAD, railway signalling, interlocking, ATC, and infrastructure construction projects.


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  • Luteberget, Bjørnar Steinnes; Camilleri, John J.; Johansen, Christian & Schneider, Gerardo (2017). Participatory Verification of Railway Infrastructure Regulations using RailCNL (long version). Full text in Research Archive
  • Luteberget, Bjørnar Steinnes; Johansen, Christian & Steffen, Martin (2016). Rule-Based Consistency Checking of Railway Infrastructure Designs. Full text in Research Archive

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