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Mobile phone +47-22852407
Room 4463
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B Ole-Johan Dahls hus 0373 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1080 Blindern 0316 OSLO

I am currently part of the "digital signal processing and image analysis" group at the Institute for Informatics (IFI).

I  work in acoustics and more particularly with nonlinear propagation of ultrasound. I also teach part of the course "Digital signal processing".

I started working on nonlinearity in ultrasound during my PhD at the University of Oslo together with Prof. Sverre Holm and Ass. Prof. Andreas Austeng. Here is a brief introduction to nonlinearity: What is nonlinearity in sound propagation?


We did some work with numerical simulations and explored the possibility to use with sonars a technique widely used in medical imaging: "second harmonic imaging". If you want to know more check out: Simulation and nonlinearity in imaging.


From 2013 to 2015, I spent two years in France doing research at the French institute for health and medical research in Lyon.There I worked with therapeutic ultrasound. If you want to know how windsurfing relates to ultrasonic enhancement of drug delivery for cancer therapy, check out Ultrasound, cavitation, and cancer therapy.


My current assignment is part of the Center for Innovative Ultrasound solutions (CIUS). Our role at the University of Oslo is to provide better knowledge in the fundamentals of acoustic wave propagation and image formation (beamforming). 


I am also involved in the project "FORCE - imaging the force of cancer" in which we want to test the ability of acoustic radiation force to influence cell growth, motility, and apopotsis of cancer cells. You can watch a video of what the acoustic radiation force can do: Acoustic radiation force.


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  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel; Rindal, Ole Marius Hoel; Holm, Sverre & Austeng, Andreas (2017). Influence of the Delay-Multiply-And-Sum beamformer on the ultrasound image amplitude.
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel & Sapozhnikov, Oleg (2017). Modelling the acoustic radiation force.
  • Ekroll, Ingvild Kinn; Iversen, Daniel Høyer; Wigen, Morten Smedsrud; Khan, Naiad Hossain; Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel; Løvstakken, Lasse & Håberg, Asta (2016). Presentation of some CIUS projects.
  • Holm, Sverre & Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel (2016). Tutorial lecture: Second harmonic imaging in active sonar.
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel (2016). Acoustic cavitation improves penetration of fluorescent probes into tumors in vivo.
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel & catheline, stefan (2016). Simulation of shear wave elastography imaging using the toolbox “k-Wave”.
  • Lafond, Maxime; Chavrier, Francoise; Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel; Mestas, Jean-Louis & Lafon, Cyril (2015). Numerical study of a confocal ultrasonic setup for creation of cavitation.
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel; Pialoux, Vincent; Mestas, Jean-Louis; Mury, Pauline; Skinner, Sarah & Lafon, Cyril (2015). A biochemical method to detect cavitation-induced free radicals in ex vivo adipose pig tissue.
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel; Zorgani, Ali & Catheline, Stefan (2014). Observation of the inception and evolution of a cavitation cloud in tissue with ultrafast ultrasound imaging.
  • Eldevik, Simen; Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel & Lunde, Per (2013). Measuring stress-state of gas pipelines (Poster presentation).
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel (2012). 3D Simulation of parametric ultrasound fields.
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel (2012). 3D simulation of parametric ultrasound fields.
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel; Johansen, Tonni Franke & Torp, Hans (2011). Fast 3D simulation of second harmonic ultrasound field.
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel; Näsholm, Sven Peter; Austeng, Andreas & Holm, Sverre (2011). Second harmonic imaging with echo-sounders: measurements and preliminary results.
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel; Näsholm, Sven Peter; Austeng, Andreas & Holm, Sverre (2010). Exploiting nonlinear propagation in echo sounders and sonar. Full text in Research Archive
  • Prieur, Fabrice Jean Gabriel; Näsholm, Sven Peter; Austeng, Andreas & Holm, Sverre (2010). Second harmonic imaging a possibility with sonar?.

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