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Phone +47-22852482
Mobile phone 97588742 97588742
Room 8164
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B Ole-Johan Dahls hus 0373 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1080 Blindern 0316 OSLO
Other affiliations Department for Informatics

Researcher, author, lecturer, science communicator, logician, mathematician, computer scientist, inventor, juggler and Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.

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Logical Methods: The Art of Thinking Abstractly and Mathematically (2014, in Norwegian)

This is my first book, and it came out in July 2014. The purpose of the book is to give a solid foundation for study in the sciences, and to introduce and expain the most important and essential concepts within mathematics and science. The book is based on lecture notes from the last four years of teaching INF1080 and is intended for first semester students. Read more at


UiO: Opplevelser (2013–)

In 2013, I took the initiative to establish UiO: Experiences, a science communication project funded by the The Research Council of Norway. The project is about creating greater interest in science. The primary means is to set up temporary booths, zones, laboratories, and experiments in places where there are many people in order to get positive attention. The idea is to create science-based entertainment that can both challenge people's perceptions about what science is and do it in an interactive and surprising way. The project aims to create experiences that give rise to wonder and insight, invite interactivity and dialogue, explore science in physical and concrete ways, and do something novel, different and surprising. During the summer of 2013 we visited the amusement park Tusenfryd and performed scientific experiments relating to the attractions of the park. During the summer of 2015 and spring of 2016, we continued to make a Megakopter with 48 propellers and set a Guinness World Record. Read more at

Lær kidsa koding (2013–)

Lær kidsa koding (Teach Kids Code) is a network for everyone in Norway who want to teach children more about programming and computer science. Efforts are also made for making programming and computer science a more integral part of the Norwegian school. Read more on

Open zone for experimental informatics (2011-)

In 2011, when Ole-Johan Dahl's House opened, I helped establish Open Zone for Experimental Informatics (the Zone), a makerspace and a student laboratory at the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. The idea was to create a project-based meeting place for engaged and curious students, a different learning environment, and a creative playroom. The goal is to: (1) Collect and showcase good student projects. (2) Increase the commitment, curiosity, and enthusiasm at the entire department, for both students and staff. (3) Communicate the field of computer science to a wider audience. (4) Create a meeting place for creative and engaged students. Read more on



Guest lecturer:


  • Senior Lecturer at the Department of Informatics, 2010–2014.
  • Postdoctor at the Department of Informatics, 2008-2010.
  • Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) from the Department of Informatics with the thesis The Method of Variable Splitting, 2008.
  • Cand. philol. in Language, Logic and Information with the thesis Free-variable Sequent Calculi, 2003.

Academic Interests

My academic interests are logical calculi, proof theory, mathematical logic, complexity theory, automata, combinatorics, philosophy of mathematics, but I am interested in most topics related to mathematics, computer science, and philosophy.

Tags: Logic, Mathematical Logic, Logical Calculi, Proof Theory, Automated Reasoning, Proof Search, Modal Logic, First-Order Logic, Complexity Theory, Automata, Combinatorics, Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics, Arduino, Netlogo, Processing, Outreach, Science Communication


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  • Lilleborge, Marie & Antonsen, Roger (2014). Mye du ikke vet om Rubiks kube - et foredrag om Rubiks kube og matematikk.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2013). Matematikk, sjonglering og programmering.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2012). Alternativ formidling av matematikk og informatikk.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2012). Formidling med smarte sjongleringsballer.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2012). Hva er Sonen - Åpen sone for eksperimentell informatikk?.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2012). Informatikkshow med smarte sjongleringsballer .
  • Antonsen, Roger (2012). Org-mode, calendar og calc.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2012). Programming, mathematics and juggling.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2012). Show under åpningen av EnergiTivoli.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2012). Vitenskap, programmering og matematikk med smarte sjongleringsballer.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2012). Vitenskap, programmering og matematikk med smarte sjongleringsballer.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Bjerknes, Jan Dyre (2012). Inspiring Juggling Balls .
  • Antonsen, Roger & Bjerknes, Jan Dyre (2012). Intelligent juggling balls with visual amplification.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Bjerknes, Jan Dyre (2012). Med sjongleringsballer som ice breaker.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Bjerknes, Jan Dyre (2012). Smart Juggling Balls with Visual Amplification .
  • Antonsen, Roger & Sevik, Kristine (2012). Motivasjon, mestring og matematikk.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2011). Avslutningsshow med smarte sjongleringsballer for
  • Antonsen, Roger (2011). Demonstrasjon av smarte sjongleringsballer for Oslo Åpne Hus.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2011). Digitalt sirkus.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2011). Matematikk, programmering og sjonglering.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2011). Matematikk, programmering og sjonglering.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Bjerknes, Jan Dyre (2011). Smarte sjongleringsballer med visuell forsterkning.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Dæhlen, Morten (2011). Fra ingenting til overalt - en reise i informatikkens historie.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Dæhlen, Morten (2011). Fra ingenting til overalt: informatikkens historie.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Dæhlen, Morten (2011). Fra ingenting til overalt: informatikkens historie.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Dæhlen, Morten (2011). Informatikkens historie (med smarte sjongleringsballer), del I.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Dæhlen, Morten (2011). Informatikkens historie (med smarte sjongleringsballer), del II.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Dæhlen, Morten (2011). Matematikk- og informatikkshow.
  • Bjerknes, Jan Dyre; Antonsen, Roger & Mikkelsen, Trond (2011). Presentasjon av Smarte sjongleringsballer under Bursdagsfesten til Universitetet i Oslo.
  • Bjerknes, Jan Dyre; Holtan, Kim & Antonsen, Roger (2011, 13. oktober). Doktor med selvlysende baller . [TV].  NRK Buskerud.
  • Grydeland, Ivar & Antonsen, Roger (2011, 15. september). Smarte baller. [Radio].  NRK P2, Ekko.
  • Myklebust, Mona; Dæhlen, Morten; Antonsen, Roger & Glette, Kyrre Harald (2011, 16. september). NRK Ekko: Digitaliseringen av samfunnet. [Radio].  NRK.
  • Mysen, Christine & Antonsen, Roger (2011, 29. oktober). Lokker med lysende idé .  Smaalenenes Avis.
  • Vogt, Yngve & Antonsen, Roger (2011, 11. oktober). Forfører ungdom med smarte sjongleringsballer .  Apollon.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2008). The Method of Variable Splitting.
  • Hansen, Christian Mahesh; Antonsen, Roger & Waaler, Arild (2007). Incremental Closure of Variable Splitting Tableaux in TABLEAUX'07 - Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods: Position Papers. Editors: Nicola Olivetti, Camilla Schwind. LSIS.RR.2007.002.
  • Antonsen, Roger & Waaler, Arild (2005). Consistency of Variable Splitting in Free Variable Systems of First-Order Logic.
  • Antonsen, Roger (2004). Uniform Variable Splitting .
  • Antonsen, Roger (2004). Uniform Variable Splitting (Poster).
  • Antonsen, Roger (2003). Free variable sequent calculi.
  • Waaler, Arild & Antonsen, Roger (2003). A Free Variable Sequent Calculus with Uniform Variable Splitting.

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