The Biomedical Informatics research group is involved in the teaching of the courses listed below.


Spring co​urses:

The bioinformatics algorithms course (10 credits, full semester):

Two variants (master and PhD) of a new intensive NORBIS course (5 credits, 2 weeks):

The course is primarily aimed at NORBIS PhD students, others may be admitted if there is room. This course is only given every other year (2016, 2018, ...).


    Autumn courses:

    The introductory object-oriented programming course (10 credits, full semester):

    Two variants (master and PhD) of the high-throughput sequencing course (10 credits, 3 weeks):

    Two variants (master and PhD) of the applied bioinformatics course (10 credits, 5 weeks):


    Recommended courses for Master students in Biomedical Informatics can be found under the description of the programme structure for the 2-year master's programme in Informatics: Technical and Scientific Applications.

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