Participants in Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ROBIN)

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Eivind Samuelsen Doctoral Research Fellow Evolution, Artificial intelligence, Adaptable systems, Robotics
Jim Tørresen Professor +47-22852454 92846669 (mob) Biology-inspired Computing, Evolvable Hardware, Evolutionary Computing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Reconfigurable hardware, Adaptable Systems
Kim Mathiassen Associate Professor Robotics, autonomous cars, Control systems, Artificial intelligence, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Mobile robots
Liubov Nikitushkina Doctoral Research Fellow
Simen Gimle Hansen Student Reconfigurable hardware, Evolution, Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Adaptable systems
Arash Ahmadi PhD candidate - Department of Medical Biochemistry 23070908 Optical tweezers, Microscopy, DNA repair, Single molecule study
Alexander Wold Associate Professor +47-22840897
Asbjørn Sigfred Danielsen Student
Charles Martin Postdoctoral Fellow +47-92014165 (mob) +47 920 14 165 Music Technology, HCI, Intelligent Systems, Mobile Applications, Improvisation, Collaborative Creativity, Percussion
Erlend Norendal Research Assistant
Jørgen Halvorsen Nordmoen Doctoral Research Fellow
Jørgen Norendal Lecturer Evolution, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Adaptable systems, Reconfigurable hardware
Justinas Miseikis Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854409
Kristian Nymoen Associate Professor +47-22841693 Motion Capture, Motion Analysis, Music Cognition, Machine Learning, Music and movement, Music technology
Kyrre Glette Associate Professor +47-22841695 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware, Biologically-inspired Computing, Embedded Systems, Machine Learning
Mats Erling Høvin Associate Professor +47-22840823 Artificial Intelligence, Adaptable Systems, Robotics, Biology-inspired Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware
Ole Jacob Elle Professor II Artificial intelligence, Evolution, Robotics, Reconfigurable hardware, Adaptable systems
Roar Skogstrøm Lecturer +47-95849590 Artificial intelligence, Reconfigurable hardware, Robotics, Evolution, Adaptable systems
Tønnes Nygaard Doctoral Research Fellow
Yngve Hafting Lecturer +47-22841691 +47-41120878 (mob) robotics and intelligent systems, safety delegate, electronics, FPGA, 3D-printing, purchases
Weria Khaksar Postdoctoral Fellow +47-46216735

Other participants

  • Ralf Greisiger