Master's programmes offered in English

Informatics: design, use, interaction (master's - 2 years)

This programme provides multi-disciplinary skills to understand the role information technology plays in society and how technology can be used to solve important tasks.

Informatics: language and communication (master's - 2 years)

The master’s programme Informatics: language and communication gives you the opportunity to study how computers handle and model how humans communicate through language.

Informatics: nanoelectronics and robotics (master's - 2 years)

The master’s programme Nanoelectronics and Robotics will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop application specific data and electronic systems from basic building blocks implemented in nanoelectronics, to complex systems consisting of both software and hardware for demanding signal processing and control.

Informatics: programming and networks (master's - 2 years)

The master's programme will provide deeper insight into how computers work and how they can be used to solve problems. Information technology is an aid in many fields such as medicine, biotechnology, law, culture and learning. Your master's will focuse on one of these fields.

Informatics: technical and scientific applications (master's - 2 years)

If you want an IT education that combines in-depth knowledge of programming with a solid foundation in mathematics / statistics, and if you want to work with applications of these within eg. science, technology, image processing, signal processing, or biomedicine, this is the master's programme for you.

Network and System Administration (master's - 2 years)

A master programme in cooperation with Oslo University College which aims to teach the theory, principles and practice of system management, including network and system design, analysis, efficiency and security.

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