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Ph.D. student forum

We have launched an informal forum for the Ph.D. research fellows at the Department of Informatics! The purpose is to have a permanent forum to share experiences. We're in a startup phase now, so watch this space for new events.


The format is a monthly seminar where a Ph.D. student holds an introduction of a maximum of ten minutes in some topic, which is then discussed by all participants. We'll try to meet the second last Thursday of each month in "The Club", but some seminars will be organized elsewhere if there are collisions with other events.

We are soliciting good discussion starters. The topics we are looking for are mainly those that are concrete but still related to several of the research fields. Is there a methodology you think should be more widely adopted? Come tell us about it and let's discuss the relevance in our projects. Did you get your paper published in one of the better journals? Come tell us how so we can port your experiences. Is there a
specific problem you have that you think is of general interest? Come and
share it with us.

The presenter will have the benefit of receiving feedback from the crowd, while the rest will gain new insight. If you are able to give a short speech or you have an issue you want to discuss, please let us know!

As a final note, the forum is intended as an open and informal event, where everybody should feel welcomed with their thoughts and ideas.

Contact information

Email any ideas and topics to the organizers at

Mailing list

For online discussions, we have a mailing list.