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Professor emeritus - Institutt for informatikk
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My   sorting home page  presents a number of original sorting algorithms  (+ variants) in Java designed by Arne Maus. All algorithms are downloadable and  their usage are regulated by the BSD license (basically that their original author  must always be credited whenever used).

 All code is accompanied by a pubished paper explaining its usage, performance and limitations. Disclaimer: Although all  these algorithms are thoroughly tested, no guarantee is given that they  work as intended in any application where they might be used.


Emneord: Parallel programming, Java, Object Oriented programming, Delaunay triangulation, Sorting, algorithms


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  • Maus, Arne & Moen Drange, Jon (2010). All closest neighbors are proper Delaunay edges generalized, and its application to parallel algorithms , In Terje Fallmyr & Erik Hjelmås (ed.),  Norsk Informatikkonferanse.  Tapir Akademisk Forlag.  ISBN 978-82-519-2703-1.  Artikkel nr. 1.  s 1 - 12
  • Maus, Arne & Lingjærde, Ole Christian (2009). LASTING EFFECTS OF AUTOMATIC PLAGIARISM DETECTION IN AN INTRODUCTORY COURSE IN PROGRAMMING , In L Gómez Chova (ed.),  INTED2009 Proceedings CD.  The International Academy of Technology, Education and Development.  ISBN 978-84-612-7578-6.  i sessjonen:Emerging Technologies: Internet Based Technologies.
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  • Maus, Arne (2007). Buffered Adaptive Radix – a fast, stable sorting algorithm that trades speed for space at runtime when needed , In Frode Eika Sandnes (ed.),  Norsk informatikkonferanse NIK 2007.  Tapir Akademisk Forlag.  ISBN 978-82-519-2272-2.  Kap. 2.  s 19 - 30
  • Maus, Arne & Gjessing, Stein (2007). A Model for the Effect of Caching on Algorithmic Efficiency in Radix based Sorting , In Sergiu Dascalu & Petre Dini (ed.),  ICSEA 2007 (International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems).  IEEE.  ISBN 978-0-7695-2937-0.  33.
  • Maus, Arne (2006). Making a fast unstable sorting algorithm stable, In Chunming Rong & Arne Løkketangen (ed.),  NIK'2006 : Norsk informatikkonferanse.  Tapir Akademisk Forlag.  ISBN 82-519-2186-4.  Arikkel nr. 4.  s 41 - 52
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  • Maus, Arne (2005). Research and Curricula Developemnt of Norwegian Universities From the early years to the mid-1970s, In Janis Bubenko; John Impagliazzo & Arne Sølvberg (ed.),  History of Nordic Computing.  Springer.  ISBN 0-387-24167-1.  12.  s 137 - 154
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  • Maus, Arne & Gjessing, Stein (2014). Practical Parallel Programming – a B.S. course on how to design an efficient parallel algorithm.. EduPar14.  ISBN 978-1-4799-4117-9.  8 s.
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  • Opdal, Lars-Erik; Maus, Arne & Stray, Viktoria (2016). Parallelle beregninger med MPI i delt og distribuert minne.
  • Maus, Arne (2002). PRP - Parallel Recursive Procedures, a low cost, easy to use alternative for some often ocurring classes of problems.
  • Maus, Arne (2002). Two 'new' sorting algorithms - and the effect of multi level caching on performance.
  • Maus, Arne (2000). Sorting by generating the sorting partition, and the effect of caching on sorting.
  • Gjessing, Stein; Maus, Arne; Strøm, Torstein & Huse, Lars Paul (1999). Running the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Application on a switched SCI cluster.
  • Maus, Arne (1999). Klynger av PC-er, framtidas superdatamaskiner.
  • Maus, Arne (1999). Objektorientert systemutvikling.
  • Maus, Arne; Strøm, Torstein; Gjessing, Stein & Huse, Lars Paul (1999). Final report on the testing of the SCI to HIC switch & Running the SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) application in a switched cluster of PCs.
  • Maus, Arne; Strøm, Torstein; Gjessing, Stein & Huse, Lars Paul (1999). Running the SAR Application on a Cluster of PCs Connected with SCI using a HIC based SCI switch.
  • Maus, Arne; Strøm, Torstein; Gjessing, Stein & Huse, Lars Paul (1999). Running the SAR-application on a cluster of PCs connected with SCI, using a HIC-based SCI-switch.
  • Strøm, Torstein; Halfen, Bjørn; Maus, Arne & Gjessing, Stein (1999). A HIC based SCI switch - implementation and performance.
  • Strøm, Torstein; Halfen, Bjørn; Maus, Arne & Gjessing, Stein (1999). Switched embedded workstation cluster exploiting the HIC based SCI switch.
  • Strøm, Torstein; Halfen, Bjørn; Maus, Arne & Gjessing, Stein (1999). Working SCI switch based on HIC components.
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  • Maus, Arne (1992). Solutions to a trivial problem - a study in programming paradigms.
  • Maus, Arne (1991). Entropy as a Complexity Measure, and the Optimal Module Size of Object Oriented Programs.
  • Thoresen, Kari Trædal & Maus, Arne (1979). Technological unemployment and working conditions in the comuterized office - two problem areas for trade unions.
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  • Krogdahl, Bjørn & Maus, Arne (1978). Offentlige etaters anskaffelse av EDB-systemer.

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