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Research interests

Engaged both theoretically and empirically in techno/social-anthropological research, my work is concerned with understanding relationships between practices of design and use — between the technological and the social.  My research is influenced by work in the traditions of anthropology of technology, computer supported cooperative work, participatory design, and science and technology studies, and as such I both draw on and consistently question such methodological frames.

Moving with a Foucaultian strategy within these intellectual landscapes, I have studied and written about how the discourses of emancipation that are common to the participatory design tradition legitimate specific modes of understanding and power within this research-design practice (Finken, 2003; Finken & Stuedahl 2008).  A Foucaultian/STS strategy I also brought along to a field study that was concerned with how particular methods are used as a reference point by usability designers in the context of commercial design projects (Finken, 2005).  In this research, I have shown how design efforts in this setting emerge as performativities shaped by wishes for a future method to coordinate work, and as technologies that produce specific kinds of knowledge.

Currently I am the project leader of Case C ‘When health care services move to the home’ (in the figure of the “smart home”) in the project Autonomy and Automation in an information society for all funded by The Research Council of Norway (VERDIKT) for a four-year period.  In this work I seek to understand the relations between digital automation and so-called autonomy in the context of new design for smart homes in the elderly care sector.  In an ethnographic study I am gathering insight into the shifts and negotiations that follow care technologies when they move in and are to find their place among and with caregivers, residents, and a particular policy about care.  Specifically, I focus on design and displacement within the realm of practices of living and working with technology in special care units and smart homes.  In such technology rich settings, care and technology become closely interwoven and, thusly, difficult to separate (Finken & Mörtberg 2010; Finken and Mörtberg 2012).  Further, such settings come to problematize the notion that the location of care can be confined to a particular body — subject or object — because care technologies need to be cared for — and a wide range of related resources therefore enlisted — in order to work properly (Finken 2012).  This again brings about questions concerning cooperation, independency, dependency, organizing, ordering, negotiating, and displacements.  I am currently at work on a series of papers that articulate these issues in greater detail.


Higher education and employment history

  • UiO, The Design group, from 2007 - present
  • Municipal Archivist, Søllerød Kommune, Denmark
  • PhD. Computer Science, Roskilde University, Denmark
  • MA. Information Studies and Social Anthropology, University of Aarhus, Denmark



At present I teach two courses:

  • Qualitative Research Methods in IS-research: INF5220
  • Advancements in interaction design: INF5590

I also advise PhD and master students in areas such as: Ethnographic studies on care work and care technologies (smart homes); Design and Displacements; Art Design; Design, Innovation, Living Labs; Interaction Design and Design Research; Health Care Innovation in rural areas of developing countries; Ships bridges; Social Media; Participatory Design; STS.

Previously taught courses at UiO:

  • INF5200 Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  • INF5010 Social aspects of technology and science


  • Member of the Ph.D.-board
  • Member of the program committee IFIP TC9 11th Human Choice and Computer Conference. The next HCC to be held in Turku, Finland, 2014
  • Member of the program/organizing committee the Participatory Design Conference since 2008.  The next PDC is to be held in Namibia, Africa, 2014
  • Member of the international stakeholder panel for Personal Health Systems Futures
  • Member of the advisory board for Transisto, Oslo Norway (2012-2013)
  • Member of the program committee Digital Media (2008-2010)


Editorial Review Activities

  • Comminucations of the ACM
  • Journal of STS Encounters
  • The NordiCHI conference
  • The EASST conference
  • The Participatory Design Conference
  • The CSCW Journal
  • Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems
  • The European Symposium on Gender and ICT
  • Journal of Science, Technology, & Human Values
  • The Interact Conference
  • The Nordic Design Research Conference
  • The IRIS Conference
  • Journal of Telematics and Informatics


Research project

Autonomy and Automation in an information society for all (A3)Project leader in case C 'When health care services move to the home' - empirically driven studies on work and daily life in care and smart house settings.



Oslo Kommune, Norway; GERIA, Norway; Aalborg University, Denmark; Norrbotten Country Council, Sweden

Emneord: antropologiske teknologi studier, videnskab og teknologi studier (sts), smarthusteknologi, omsorg, arbejdspladsstudier (cscw), etnografi, brugerinvolveret design (pd), interaktionsdesign


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  • Finken, Sisse; Mörtberg, Christina M & Mirijamdotter, Anita (2017). 2017: Dilemmas 2015 Papers from the 18th Annual International Conference Dilemmas for Human Services: Organizing, Designing and Managing. Linnaeus University Dissertations.  ISBN 978-91-87925-74-0.

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