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Bilde av Selamawit Molla Fossum
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Besøksadresse Gaustadalléen 23B Ole-Johan Dahls hus 0373 OSLO
Postadresse Postboks 1080 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Academic Interest

I am interested in information systems design and implementation in organizations. Currently, I am part of a research project, which is focused on developing and implementing socially responsible crowdsourcing tools for urban environment research and decision making. More information about the project is found here:


I got a master and a PhD in information systems from the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.  In addition, I have a master in international health from the Department of Global Health, University of Copenhagen.  With these educational backgrounds, I worked in improving health information systems with particular focus on developing countries.  I am particularly interested in standard (IT and data) formation and diffusion within and across organizations. 


  • Mekonnen, Selamawit & Zegaye, Wubishet (2016). An Institutional Perspective to Understand FOSS Adoption in Public Sectors: Case Studies in Ethiopia and India. American Journal of Information Systems.  ISSN 2374-1988.  4(2), s 32- 44 . doi: 10.12691/ajis-4-2-2
  • Mekonnen, Selamawit; Sahay, Sundeep & Lewis, John (2015). Understanding the Role of Social Capital in Integrating Health Information Systems. Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries.  ISSN 1178-4407.  9(2), s 40- 54
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  • Sahay, Sundeep; Sæbø, Johan Ivar; Mekonnen, Selamawit & Gizaw, Abyot Asalefew (2010). Interplay of Institutional Logics and Implications for Deinstitutionalization: Case Study of HMIS Implementation in Tajikistan. Information Technologies and International Development.  ISSN 1544-7529.  6(3), s 19- 32
  • Abuto, Mekitew Letebo; Damtew, Zufan Abera; Gizaw, Abyot Asalefew; Mekonnen, Selamawit; Lagebo, Birkinesh Woldeyohannes & Zegeye, Desalegn (2008). Scaling HIS in Developing Countries: Case Studies from Ethiopia, In Paul Cunningham & Miriam Cunningham (ed.),  IST-Africa 2008 Conference Proceedings.  International Information Management Corporation Limited.  ISBN 978-1-905824-07-6.  Article.
  • Mekonnen, Selamarit & Sahay, Sundeep (2008). An institutional analysis on the dynamics of the interaction between standardizing and scaling processes: a case study from Ethiopia. European Journal of Information Systems.  ISSN 0960-085X.  17(3), s 279- 289 . doi: 10.1057/ejis.2008.17

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  • Fossum, Selamawit Molla (2017). Potentials and Challenges of Using Crowdsourcing for Environmental Sustainability. Best poster under section Business Models for Sustainability. Vis sammendrag
  • Fossum, Selamawit Molla; Lopez-Aparicio, Susana & Røen, Hårvard Vika (2017). Crowdsourcing wood consumption data for environmental research:the bootstrap design problem.
  • Mekonnen, Selamawit; Sahay, Sundeep & Lewis, John (2009). The role of Social Capital in the Integration of Health Information Systems. Vis sammendrag
  • Sæbø, Johan Ivar; Sahay, Sundeep; Mekonnen, Selamawit & Gizaw, Abyot Asalefew (2009). Interplay of Institutional logics and Implications for Deinstitutionalization: Case Study of HMIS Implementation in Tajikistan. Vis sammendrag

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