Orientation meetings with the research groups at IFI for new master students

The groups will present themselves, their research and available master projects for master students who started this year. Take this opportunity to find your academic supervisor and the subject for your master thesis. This is important when it comes to the deadline for submitting you study plan agreement. The deadline for this is December 1st.

Simula will have their presentation at Fornebu on October 17th, to participate you need to sign up before oktober 15th. Sign up here.

This schedule is not final, and may change. 


Progamme Research Group Time Place
Informatics: Design, Use and Interaction(I:D) Design of Information Systems (DESIGN) Tuesday 19.september kl 16.15 Prolog(2465)
Information Systems (IS) Thursday 28.september kl 16.15 Pascal(2452)

Informatics: Language and Communication(I:SK)

Language Technology Group (LTG) Wednesday 4 October kl 16.15 Postscript(2458)
Informatics: Nanoelectronics and Robotics(I:NOR) Digital Signal Processing and Image Analysis(DSB) Monday 16.October kl 16.15 Postscript(2458)
Nanoelectronics(NANO) Tuseday 26. Sept. 16.15 Pascal(2452)
Robotics and Intelligent Systems(ROBIN) Monday 25.sept kl 16.15 4th floor kitchen area ROBIN
Informatics: Programming and Networks(I:Pro) Distributed MultiMedia Systems (DMMS) Monday 25.september kl 16.15 Java(2423)
Networks and Distributed Systems(ND) Tuesday 26.september kl 16.15 Prolog
Logic and Intelligent Data (LogID) + SIRIUS Tuesday 3. october kl 16.15 Postscript(2458)
Programmering og Software Engineering (PSE)

Thursday 21.september kl 16.15

Pascal (2452)
Precise Modelling and Analysis (PMA) Thursday 5. October kl 14.15 Pascal (2452)
Information Systems (IS) Thursday 28.september kl 16.15 Pascal (2452)
Informatics: Technical and Scientific Applications(Teknat) Biomedical Informatics (BMI) Wednesday 27.09 kl 16.15 Postscript(2458)
Digital Signal Processing and Image Analysis (DSB) Monday 16. October kl 16.15 Postscript(2458)


Institution Programme Time Place Practical information
Simula Research Laboratory I:Pro, Teknat, I:NOR  Tuseday.17 October Simula (Fornebu) Bus from IFI to Fornebu at 16.15. Sign up here, deadline 15.October. The bus will return to IFI after the presentation is over. Information about Simula here.
Sintef Design, I:Pro, Teknat, , I:NOR Monday 2. October kl 16.15. Prolog(2465) Information from Sintef.


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