Analysis of collaborative consumption in the sharing economy

Collaborative consumption can be described as "sharing reinvented through technology", and the uptake of services like AirBnb, Nabobil is growing rapidly. The Conserve & Consume project investigates collaborative consumption patterns with a particular focus on the C2C digital marketplace apps where users can sell and buy stuff from each other. The transaction phase, where handover of goods and money takes place, is of particular interest as it is associated with hassle and friction points for the users.

Several topics and approaches can be pursued:

  • Develop frameworks and typology for characterizing C2C services in the domain.
  • Contribute new insight about user behavior and service experiences in technology-driven C2C services.
  • Pursue patterns and principles in successful design of such services.
  • Explore and develop new methods.
  • Suggest new designs to overcome identified challenges.
  • Trust and privacy

This project will enable you to combine existing and new data on C2C-services. You will conduct empirical studies, analyse data, and combine qualitative and quantitative methods.

The thesis will be part of Conserve & Consume, an innovation project with industry partners Snapsale, Greenphones and Schibsted Vekst, and research partners SINTEF, UiO and Bengler.

Several master topics are available. Students will be supervised by researchers at SINTEF and UiO and you will collaborate with our industry partners.


Contact: Ragnhild Halvorsrud (, SINTEF

Publisert 26. sep. 2016 14:02 - Sist endret 26. sep. 2016 20:27


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