Universal Design for learning and instruction – Designing feedback

This study aims to take a closer look at universal design for learning and instruction. One way to approach this is to look at different learning environments (e.g.: itslearning, Fronter, Moodle, iLearn) and benchmark/map different ways of giving feedback in these learning environments. In addition, one can conduct qualitative research with the end-users in order to see how these different ways of receiving feedback via these e-learning platforms are experienced by them. What makes the system a good one? What does not work, and why?


The thesis can be both theoretical by analyzing theoretically the learning environments, or practical, by building a prototype of own websites, depending on your own interests. The language can be English or Norwegian, at your choice. For conducting this thesis, one should have interest in learning/pedagogics and universal design.


Recommended courses

Interaction Design (INF2260 / INF4060) – Basics in interaction design, including methods and ways of designing your research

Participatory Design (INF5722) – for understanding the user

Design of Interactive websites (INF5270) - for a practical approach

Emneord: feedback, universal design, pedagogics, learning, learning platforms
Publisert 19. aug. 2017 13:16 - Sist endret 19. aug. 2017 13:16

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