KULU: Explore mood tracking with young people diagnosed with ME (Myalgisk encefalopati)

The overall research focus is on how technology could support youth suffering from ME in their everyday lives? The focus in this master thesis is to use mood tracking with and without the AV1 robot, to explore how mood tracking could be useful for young people diagnosed with ME.

The main focus here is on the mild and moderate cases of ME. The initial focus is to use the developed mood tracking in the KOOLO app and explore how well it fits with the needs of youth suffering from ME. Then to further develop the App to fit with the needs of users with ME, based on user research.

There are several interesting questions to pursue:

  • Is mood tracking useful for young people suffering from ME?
  • Could mood tracking be useful in combination with the AV1 robot?
  • Are there other functionalities related to mood tracking that are useful for this user group that should be implemented?

Strongly suggested courses:

- INF5011 Technology Society Ethics.

- INF5591 Advancements in interaction design.

- INF5261 Development of mobile information systems and services.

This master thesis is part of the KULU project.

Publisert 20. sep. 2016 14:33

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