Android app for DHIS2 to be used by community health workers

Community health workers live an work in villages and townships in poor countries. They have a very short health education, spanning from a few weeks to one year. They nevertheless cater for health services in their area and deal with pregnancy check-ups, child nutrition, malaria treatment, HIV/AIDS care, improvement of sanitation, etc.

The master thesis should take part in programming/condiguration and evaluation of an Android app for community health workers in Malawi. We will support the travel and help out with practical arrangements.

You need to take the course INF5761 - Health management information systems, and the course INF5850 - ICT for Development is recommended. If you want to code, INF5750 - Open Source Development is needed. It is possible to configure the system without coding. 

Before 2. semester, you should take the DHIS2 Fundamentals Academy (online).

1-2 students.

Previous students who did similar work (in Norwegian)

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