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Semantic Portrait Catalog

The student will design and configure a web-based information system providing searchable and community-editable information about portraits, in particular from antiquity.  It should be possible to search information according to a variety of criteria, including the person portrayed, the artist, the time of origin, the location of origin, the artistic style, etc.

The system will be implemented as a Semantic Wiki (E.g. Semantic Media Wiki, Information Workbench, Metaphactory) in order to capture both structured and textual information.

This project poses a number of interesting challenges:

  • Modeling: In particular for antique artefacts, much of the structured information is uncertain (artist, subject, dating, etc.).  Moreover, different authorities may have different opinions about these properties.  For scientific usage, it is vital to maintain such nuances of information, and present them correctly, but without complicating the user interface more than necessary.

  • Design: Presentation and usage must be suitable for researchers in the humanities.

  • Infrastructure: Choice and deployment of a suitable Wiki platform.


If the work is successful, similar installations could be of interest for other types of artefacts, e.g. coins, sculptures, etc.

This may also be a short (30stp) thesis

This topic will be co-supervised by Assoc. Prof. Marina Prusac Lindhagen from Museum of Cultural History, to ensure that the system will be suitable for its intended users.



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