Sounding Rocket On-Board Processing

Once or twice a year a student sounding rocket is shot up from the Andøya rocket range. Its payload are different sensors that send data continuously to the ground control while the rocket shoots through the clouds at several times the speed of sound and finally burns out and falls into the sea. On the ground, the students then post-process the data, for example to reconstruct the exact trajectory the rocket has followed.

The task for this project would be to design a general FPGA or microcontroller based PCB for this sounding rocket that is capable to processes the sensory data on board the rocket while in flight and sends down som higher level information in real-time, as for example the position of the rocket reconstructed from accelerometers and/or gyroscopes or the speed of its rotation. That PCB needs to interface to several sensor PCBs and the standard telemetry PCB (responsible for transmitting the data)

Emneord: sounding rocket, electronics
Publisert 12. sep. 2013 10:27 - Sist endret 12. sep. 2013 10:27

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