Alle ledige masteroppgaver ved ITS

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Dielectric spectroscopy instrument for planetary missions 1. feb. 2017
Fault tolerance and sensor performance in swarm systems 1. feb. 2017
Real-time 3D modeling using swarm UAVs 1. feb. 2017
Sceneforståelse for ubemannede kjøretøy 1. feb. 2017
Optimization of energy flow in continuous swarm operations 1. feb. 2017
RIMFAX background removal signal processing 1. feb. 2017
From swarm macro-scale goal to agent micro-scale behavior 1. feb. 2017
Modellering av dynamikken til et selvgående kjøretøy 1. feb. 2017
Manøvrering i vegetasjon med et selvgående kjøretøy 1. feb. 2017
Autonom følging av ledebil 1. feb. 2017
Baneplanlegging for et selvgående kjøretøy 1. feb. 2017
Low frequency antenna for rover mounted planetary ground penetrating radar - GPR 1. feb. 2017
RIMFAX surface scattering simulator 1. feb. 2017
Smart Meter (AMS) Security Analysis 1. feb. 2017
Novel Services through Consumption Monitoring 1. feb. 2017
Prosumers for the future smart electricity grid 1. feb. 2017
Multi Metrics Based Framework for Measurable Security in Embedded Systems 1. feb. 2017
Analysis of proxy services for an Information-Internet 1. feb. 2017
Evaluation of the Component`s Interconnection Impact on the System Security 1. feb. 2017
Privacy labels for IoT consumer products 1. feb. 2017
Building an Attack Simulator on the Electric Grid Infrastructure 1. feb. 2017
Elaborating and implementing http2 standards for server-side compression 1. feb. 2017