Bent Wilhelm Schoultz

Researcher - Environmental Sciences
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Phone +47-22855705
Mobile phone 48068924 +47-48068924
Room V 198
Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 26 None 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1033 0315 OSLO


  • Kristian, Alexandr; Riss, Patrick; Qu, Hong; Milde, Mona; Schoultz, Bent Wilhelm; Engebråten, Olav; Mælandsmo, Gunhild & Malinen, Eirik (2014). Positron emission tomography and pharmacokinetics of 2-[18F]-fluoroethyl choline for metabolic studies in breast cancer xenografts. Acta Oncologica.  ISSN 0284-186X.  53(8), s 1086- 1092 . doi: 10.3109/0284186X.2014.934398
  • Schoultz, Bent Wilhelm; Hjornevik, Trine; Reed, Brian Jeffrey; Marton, Janos; Coello, Christopher; Willoch, Frode & Henriksen, Gjermund (2014). Synthesis and evaluation of three structurally related <sup>18</sup>F- labeled orvinols of different intrinsic activities: 6-O-[<sup>18</sup>F] fluoroethyl-diprenorphine ([<sup>18</sup>F]FDPN), 6-O-[<sup>18</sup>F] fluoroethyl-buprenorphine ([<sup>18</sup>F]FBPN), and 6-O-[<sup>18</sup>F] fluoroethyl-phenethyl-orvinol ([<sup>18</sup>F]FPEO). Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.  ISSN 0022-2623.  57(12), s 5464- 5469 . doi: 10.1021/jm500503k
  • Galante, Eva; Schoultz, Bent Wilhelm; Koepp, Matthias & Arstad, Erik (2013). Chelator-Accelerated One-Pot 'Click' Labeling of Small Molecule Tracers with 2-[F-18]Fluoroethyl Azide. Molecules.  ISSN 1420-3049.  18(5), s 5335- 5347 . doi: 10.3390/molecules18055335
  • Schoultz, Bent Wilhelm; Reed, Brian Jeffrey; Marton, Janos; Willoch, Frode & Henriksen, Gjermund (2013). A Fully Automated Radiosynthesis of [F-18]Fluoroethyl-Diprenorphine on a Single Module by Use of SPE Cartridges for Preparation of High Quality 2-[F-18]Fluoroethyl Tosylate. Molecules.  ISSN 1420-3049.  18(6), s 7271- 7278 . doi: 10.3390/molecules18067271
  • Hjornevik, Trine; Schoultz, Bent Wilhelm; Marton, Janos; Gjerstad, Johannes; Drzezga, Alexander; Henriksen, Gjermund & Willoch, Frode (2010). Spinal long-term potentiation is associated with reduced opioid neurotransmission in the rat brain. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging.  ISSN 1475-0961.  30(4), s 285- 293 . doi: 10.1111/j.1475-097X.2010.00939.x
  • Schoultz, Bent Wilhelm; Hjornevik, Trine; Willoch, Frode; Marton, J; Noda, A.; Murakami, Y; Miyoshi, S.; Nishimura, S.; Årstad, Erik; Drzezga, A; Matsunari, I. & Henriksen, Gjermund (2010). Evaluation of the kappa-opioid receptor-selective tracer [C-11]GR103545 in awake rhesus macaques. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.  ISSN 1619-7070.  37(6), s 1174- 1180 . doi: 10.1007/s00259-010-1384-6

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View all works in Cristin

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