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Academic interests

The main aim of my research is to contribute to better understanding of the biogeochemical processes governing the mobility of selected nitramines (aliphatic and cyclic) in terrestrial- and aquatic environments, and to assess the response in natural bacterial community from exposure to these nitramines. The nitramines are termed potent carcinogens, and are formed from the amines used in the technology of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS).


  • KJM 1100 – General chemistry (Colloquium- and laboratory course)
  • KJM 2400 - Analytical chemistry 1 (laboratory course)
  • MBV 3060 – General microbiology (Colloquium- and laboratory course)
  • KJM-MENA 4010 – Module 24: Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES)


  • MSc. in Environmental Analysis, Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo (UiO). 
    Investigating the correlation between biodegradability and intrinsic characterization parameters of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM). In relation to emissions of the greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide (N2O) from denitrifying bacteria in a sub-tropical forested catchment in China.
  • BSc. in Molecular Biology and Biological Chemistry, Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo (UiO). Specialization in Biochemistry.


  • Project: «Amin forskning og monitorering (ARM)», led by prof. Claus J. Nielsen.
  • Project: «Development of ultrasensitive methods for determination of nitramines in drinking water and soil for assessment of possible environmental impact of amine emissions from a CO2 capture plant”, by prof. Elsa Lundanes and Dr. Sofia Lindahl.
  • Prof. Tom Andersen, Department of Biosciences, UiO
  • Prof. II Gijsbert D. Breedveld, Department of Geosciences, UiO.
Tags: Environmental chemistry, Environmental Analysis, Nitramines, Biogeochemistry


  • Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke; Breedveld, Gijs D.; Foseid, Lena & Vogt, Rolf David (2017). Soil sorption of two nitramines derived from amine-based CO2 capture. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts.  ISSN 2050-7887.  19(6), s 812- 821 . doi: 10.1039/c7em00131b Show summary
  • Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke; Zhu, Liang; Lindahl, Sofia; Wang, Shiyu; Wilson, Steven Ray Haakon & Lundanes, Elsa (2017). LC-MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Determination of Monoethanol- and Dimethylnitramine in Aqueous Soil Extracts. Chromatographia.  ISSN 0009-5893.  80(9), s 1475- 1481 . doi: 10.1007/s10337-017-3355-6
  • Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke; Andersen, Tom; Lindahl, Sofia; Linke, Dirk & Vogt, Rolf David (2014). Bacterial response from exposure to selected aliphatic nitramines. Energy Procedia.  ISSN 1876-6102.  63, s 791- 800 . doi: 10.1016/j.egypro.2014.11.089 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Lindahl, Sofia; Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke & Lundanes, Elsa (2014). A review of available analytical technologies for qualitative and quantitative determination of nitramines. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts.  ISSN 2050-7887.  16(8), s 1825- 1840 . doi: 10.1039/c4em00095a

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  • Foseid, Lena; Vogt, Rolf David; Nielsen, Claus Jørgen; Lundanes, Elsa & Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke (2015). Determination of MEA-nitramine in Soil Water and Assessing the Sorption Potential of MEAnitramine to Soil. Show summary
  • Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke; Foseid, Lena; Zhu, Liang; Lundanes, Elsa & Vogt, Rolf David (2015). Sorption potential of Nitramines to soils - Methodical challenges using LC-MS/MS.
  • Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke; Andersen, Tom; Lindahl, Sofia; Linke, Dirk & Vogt, Rolf David (2014). Bacterial response from exposure to selected aliphatic nitramines.
  • Vogt, Rolf David & Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke (2013). WP2 Watershed and water chemistry NOMiNOR.
  • Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke; Vogt, Rolf David & Mulder, Jan (2012). Biodegradation and characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) along the flowpath of a N-saturated suptropical forested catchment in China.
  • Vogt, Rolf David & Gundersen, Cathrine Brecke (2012). Spatial trends in biodegradability and physiochemical characteristics of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM).

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