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There's plenty of room at the bottom, Richard P. Feynman said, back in 1959 at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society, introducing a new field, the field of nanotechnology.

What he talked about was the problem of manipulating and controlling things on a small scale... and that's exactly what I am aiming for- to control and manipulate cobalt and bimetallic cobalt nanoparticles!

I started my PhD in October 2011, under the supervision of Prof. Anja OlafsenSjåstad and co-supervision of Prof. Helmer Fjellvåg, a project funded by inGAP.

My mission is the synthesis and characterization of cobalt and bimetallic cobalt nanoparticles and the development of a well defined metal/support model catalysts.

Indeed, there's plenty of room at the bottom.... room to have some fun!

Research Related Working Experience

Jun 2011-Sept 2011: Research Assistant at the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Delft University of Technology, (TUDelft), Delft, The Netherlands.

Mar 2009-Mar 2010: Research fellow in Heterogeneous Catalysis Lab Van’t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS), University of Amsterdam (UvA), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Sept 2008- Jan 2009: Intern as Patent Examiner Assistant at the European Patent Office, Rijswijk, The Netherlands.


MSc in Chemistry of Advanced Technology Materials, University of Patras, Department of Chemistry, Patras, Greece
Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of catalysts for the Water-Gas Shift reaction.

University Degree in Chemistry, University of Cyprus, Department of Chemistry, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Thesis: New aspects of hydrogen production by steam reforming of phenol over supported-Rh catalysts: Synthesis, Physicochemical and Catalytical Characterization.

Tags: inGAP, Chemistry


Scientific publications (international journals with referee):

1. Cobalt oxide supported on alumina catalysts prepared by various methods for use in catalytic afterburner of PEM fuel cell. I. Zacharaki, C.G. Kontoyannis, S. Boghosian, A. Lycourghiotis and Ch. Kordulis, Catalysis Today, 143, 38-44, (2009).

2. The influence of calcinations on the size of nanocrystals, porous structure and acid-base properties of mesoporous Anatase used as catalytic support. I. Zacharaki, Ch. Kontoyannis, Al. Lycourgiotis and Ch. Kordulis, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 324, 1-3, 208-216, (2008).

3. New aspects of the hydrogen production by steam reforming of phenol over supported- Rh catalysts. K. Polychronopoulou, I. Zacharaki and A. Efstathiou, Chemical Engineering Transaction, 8, 61-66, (2005).

  • Zacharaki, Eirini; Beato, Pablo; Tiruvalam, Ramchandra R; Andersson, Klas J.; Fjellvåg, Helmer & Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen (2017). From Colloidal Monodisperse Nickel Nanoparticles to Well-Defined Ni/Al2O3 Model Catalysts. Langmuir.  ISSN 0743-7463.  33(38), s 9836- 9843 . doi: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b02197
  • Bremmer, Marien G.; Zacharaki, Eirini; Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen; Navarro, Violeta; Frenken, Joost W. M. & Kooyman, Patricia J. (2016). In situ TEM observation of the Boudouard reaction: multi-layered graphene formation from CO on cobalt nanoparticles at atmospheric pressure. Faraday discussions.  ISSN 1364-5498.  197, s 337- 351 . doi: 10.1039/c6fd00185h
  • Zacharaki, Eirini; Kalyva, Maria Evangelou; Fjellvåg, Helmer & Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen (2016). Burst nucleation by hot injection for size controlled synthesis of ε-cobalt nanoparticles. Chemistry Central Journal.  ISSN 1752-153X.  10(1) . doi: 10.1186/s13065-016-0156-1

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  • Zacharaki, Eirini; Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen & Fjellvåg, Helmer (2018). Synthesis and Characterization of Colloidal Co, Co-Re and Ni Nanoparticles for Catalysis. Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo.. 1982.
  • Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen; Zacharaki, Eirini; Bundli, Silje; Jensen, Martin; Kalyva, Maria Evangelou; Dhak, Prasanta; Kooyman, Patricia J.; Bremmer, Marien G.; Slawiniski, Wojciech Andrzej & Fjellvåg, Helmer (2017). Nanoparticles for heterogeneous catalysis of industrial relevant processes.
  • Muri, Marte Eiterstraum; Sjåstad, Anja Olafsen; Fjellvåg, Helmer & Zacharaki, Eirini (2016). Synthesis and characterization of free standing Pt-Rh nanoparticles, and 2 wt. % Pt 0.70 Rh 0.30 /Al2O3 and 20 wt. % Co1xRex/Al2O3 (0.00 ≤ x ≤ 0.15) metal-on-support catalysts.

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