Lluis Artus Suarez

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Room V226
Visiting address Sem Sælandsvei 26 Kjemibygningen 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1033 Blindern 0315 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Student)

Academic interests

Computational characterization of homogeneous catalyst


M. Sc. in Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design (University Rovira i Virgili, Spain)

More information

Please visit my page at CTCC.


  • Gholizadeh Dogaheh, Samira; Heras Ojea, María José; Rosado Piquer, Lidia; Artus Suarez, Lluis; Khanmohammadi, Hamid; Aromí, Guillem & Sañudo, Eva Carolina (2016). CoII and CuII Fluorescent Complexes with Acridine‐Based Ligands. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.  ISSN 1099-0682.  20, s 3314- 3321 . doi: 10.1002/ejic.201600297

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  • Artus Suarez, Lluis; Nova, Ainara & Balcells, David (2017). Earth-abundant metal catalyst for amide hydrogenation to methanol..

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