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A real world class nmr expert: Alistair L. Wilkins returns soon!

Soon you might again be lucky to meet a real world class nmr expert in our nmr labs:

Professor Alistair L. Wilkins from New Zealand is returning for his annual 3  month stay in Oslo.

Alistair is affiliated with  Veterinærinstituttet at Adamstua here in Oslo , but spends at least half his time running nmr experiments and elucidating molecular structures from nmr spectra.  Alistair is in our labs due to the Veterinary partial ownership of the AVII 600 instrument (the instrument closest to the DPX 200) and also because he is a real expert in all aspects of NMR with a world class knowledge which he likes to share with everyone. Last but not least - he has a genuine friendly and altruistic personality which makes it a joy having him here.

Alistair enjoys talking with people so when you are in the nmr labs and need nmr help or just want to have a chat please talk with him.

Last year the following message was sent out:

And now to the correction:

I recently sent out an e-mail containing the following:

"Our own 400 probe came back from Fallanden at 1500 today. It is now inside the magnet and in use. Think all is working OK at the 400 now. Two profs of ages 61 and 56 on the floor changing the probe. Lots of accumulated knowledge at work. ;-)"

This has turned out not to be out completely true based on Alistair´s e-mail comment to me:

"...make that one 64 year old prof.......I was born in Feb 1947.
I assume I am not the 56 year old one."

So the accumulated knowledge has increased to 120 years.


Now (2012) the accumulated knowledge has increased to 122 years!  And The AVII400 has been equipped with a BACS 120 nmr sample changer.  Alistair is planning to streamline his famous aw-nmr parameter sets this time and he plans on helping us in the final weeks of KJM9250/5250 and also trying to set up 2D experiments with adiabatic decoupling.

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By Frode Rise
Published Mar 28, 2012 07:06 PM - Last modified Mar 28, 2012 07:07 PM