Participants in Functional Energy Related Materials in Oslo (FERMiO)

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Truls Norby Professor +47-22840654 +47-99257611 (mob) Renewable energy, SMN, Electroceramics, Chemistry, Fuel cells, Materials Science and Technology, Nanotechnology, Gas separation membranes, Chemistry, Solid State Ionics, Solid State Electrochemistry, Defect Chemistry, Hydrogen, Proton conductors
Reidar Haugsrud Professor +47-22840659 SMN, Chemistry, Solid State Electrochemistry
Arne Olsen Professor Emeritus +47-22840670 Nano- and microtechnology, Materials science, TEM
Anette Eleonora Gunnæs Associate Professor +47-22852812 TEM, Materialvitenskap- og teknologi, Nano- og mikroteknologi, Nanomaterials, Energy challenges, Diffraksjon, SMN
Johan Taftø +47-22840667 Renewable energy, materials science, BATE
Clas Persson Professor +47-22852424 Programming, atomistic modeling, SMN, materials science, Green's functions, DFT, Theoretical physics, Renewable energy
Øystein Prytz Associate Professor +47-22840684 SMN
Ole Martin Løvvik Professor II +47-22840689
Sabrina Sartori Associate Professor +47-22842227
Ole Bjørn Karlsen Senior Engineer +47-22840669
Phuong Dan Nguyen Senior Engineer +47-22840694 Thin film deposition, Nanomaterials, Transmission electron microscopy
Xuemei Cui Higher Executive Officer +47 45171229
Oddvar Dyrlie Head Engineer +47-22840655 SMN, Instrument responsible
Kristian Berland Researcher 45679296 vdW-DF, Thermoelectric materials, Heterostructures, van der Waals systems
Sergii Zamulko Postdoctoral Fellow
Matthias Schrade
Athanasios Eleftherios Chatzitakis Researcher +47-45150893 (mob) 45150893 SMN
Einar Vøllestad
Tor Svendsen Bjørheim Researcher SMN
Xin Song Postdoctoral Fellow 22840945
Daniel Clark Postdoctoral Fellow SMN
Ragnar Strandbakke Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840660 SMN
Matylda Natalia Guzik Researcher
Ida Hasle Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840656 SMN
Liv-Elisif Kalland Student +47-22840656 UiODoc, SMN, Solid State Ionics, Chemistry
Marit Norderhaug Student
Sarmad Waheed Saeed Student
Sindre Østby Stub Student 95783237
Temesgen Debelo Desissa Doctoral Research Fellow 46718631 (mob) 461 47 696 SMN, thermoelectric materials, Semiconductors
Tarjei Bondevik Doctoral Research Fellow 476 06 320
Xin Liu Researcher SMN
Asbjørn Ulvestad Student
Cecilie Granerød Doctoral Research Fellow
Lars Musland Student
Raluca Tofan Student
Wei Zhan PhD Candidate +47 22840689
Sigbjørn Grini Doctoral Research Fellow 47091335 SMN
Henrik Riis Doctoral Research Fellow
Raphael Schuler Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Reshma Madathil Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Kalliopi Bazioti Postdoctoral Fellow SMN
Thomas Aarholt Researcher SMN
Oleksandr Malyi Researcher Computational Materials Science, Batteries, Nano materials, Diffusion
Linn Katinka Emhjellen Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Christian Fleischer Doctoral Research Fellow 45275583 Chemistry, Photoelectrochemistry, Supercapacitors, SMN, 2D Materials
Amir Masoud Dayaghi Postdoctoral Fellow SMN
Nicholas Pike Postdoctoral Fellow SMN
Monika Løberg Stipendiat - Senter for Materialvitenskap og Nanoteknologi SMN
Yang Hu Researcher +47-22840657